"People's Month myth" reading notes (ii)

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  1. Manuals or written specifications are a very necessary tool, although the light is not enough for documentation. The manual is an external specification of the product, describing and stipulating every detail that the user sees, and, similarly, the structure is the main work product. (62)
  2. Not only does the manual describe everything that is visible to users, including all interfaces, but it also avoids describing things that the user is not seeing. (62)
  3. An old adage warns: "Never bring two clocks to sea, with one or three." "The same principle applies to formal and descriptive definitions. If there are two ways, it must be a standard, another so-called auxiliary description, and according to this clear division. (64)
  4. Therefore, it is important to point out that formal definitions are used only for external functions to illustrate what they are. (65)
  5. Formal definition is a design implementation. Conversely, design implementation can also be used as a formal definition method. (65)
  6. As a definition, the implementation embodies more content: it not only describes what the system must do, but also declares what it has done. (65)
  7. The use of implementations as formal definitions is particularly prone to confusion, especially in programmatic simulations, about whether the actual usage criteria are formal or descriptive. In addition, any modifications to the implementation must also be prevented when the implementation acts as a standard. (66)
  8. We divide the meeting into two levels: weekly meetings and annual conferences--which is actually a very effective way. (66)
  9. In most computer projects, there are often inconsistencies between machines and manuals on one day, and people often ignore manuals. Because manuals are easier to change and less expensive than machines. However, this is not the case when there are multiple implementations. This, such as on-site compliance with the manual update and its resulting delays and cost of consumption, than according to the machine adjustment manual is lower. (69)
  10. Obviously, for those who have doubts, it is a basic measure to encourage them to call and ask the appropriate architect rather than to speculate on their own side of the job. (69)
  11. The best friend of the project manager is the opponent he faces every day-the independent Product testing agency/group. (70)
  12. So why would the project fail if they had all these conditions? What else do they lack? Two aspects--communication, and the result of communication--organization. They can't talk to each other, so they can't cooperate. When cooperation fails, the work falls to a halt. (75)
  13. So how does the team communicate with each other? Through all the possible avenues.
    Informal approach. A clear definition of the group's non-interrelationship and full use of the telephone can encourage a large number of telephone conversations to achieve a common understanding of the written document.
    Meeting. Regular project meetings. In memory, the team makes a brief technical statement one after the other. This is a very useful way to clarify hundreds of small misunderstandings.
    Work manual. At the beginning of the project, a formal project workbook should be prepared. (76)
  14. The project workbook is not a separate document, it is a structure for organizing a series of documents that a project must produce. (76)
  15. Technical explanations are almost essential. (77)
  16. The project work manual is designed in advance to ensure that the structure of the document itself is normative, not disorganized. In addition, with the project structure, later written text can be placed in the appropriate chapters. (77)
  17. The real-time updating of the manual is critical. (78)
  18. In the file, record the revision date and mark the change marks. Each user can be consulted from a display terminal (the printer is too slow). The Daily maintenance change summary is saved as a "last in, first Out" (LIFO) and provides access in a fixed place. (79)
  19. The programmer is most productive when he knows only the parts that he is responsible for, not the development details of the entire system. The prerequisite for this approach is to define all interfaces precisely and completely. (79)
  20. The goal of a team organization is to reduce the amount of communication and collaboration required, so a good team organization is a key measure to address these communication issues. (80)
  21. The way to reduce communication is to divide the manpower (Division of labor) and limit the scope of responsibility (specialization of function). (80)
  22. First of all, it should be noted that the estimation of the entire task cannot be obtained by simply estimating the coding part, and then applying the above ratios, and secondly, it must be stated that the data for building independent small programs is not a language programming system product. (88)
  23. Workload = constant * Number of instructions ^1.5 (88)
  24. For commonly used programming statements, productivity seems to be fixed. This fixed productivity includes the need for annotations in programming and possible error situations.
    With the right high-level language, programming productivity can be increased by 5 times times. (94)
  25. Because scale is such a large part of the user cost of software system products, developers must set the goal of scale, control the scale, consider ways to reduce the size, just as hardware developers will set the number of components target, control the number of components, think of some ways to reduce the part. As with any overhead, scale is not a bad thing in itself, but an unnecessary scale is undesirable. (98-99)
  26. For project managers, scale control is part of the management effort, even if it is part of the technical work. He must study user and user needs to set the scale of the system to be developed. Then, the systematization is divided into several parts, and the size target of each part is set. Since the results of the scale-to-speed tradeoff scheme vary greatly in scope, the setting of scale targets is a tricky thing and requires a deep understanding of each of the available scenarios. Smart project managers also set aside some space for them to allocate when work is implemented. (99)
  27. As with the designated space budget, the budget should be set for the overall size; As with scale budgeting, you should set up a budget for back-office storage access.
    Define the function of the module exactly as it indicates how large the module is.
    The most important function of the Software programming manager is to cultivate the user-oriented attitude of the developers from the whole system. 100
  28. The amount and control of the space budget does not reduce the size of the program, and it requires some creativity and skills to achieve that goal. (101)
  29. One technique is to swap dimensions with functions, and the second is to consider the tradeoff between space-time. (101)
  30. Programmers who racked their brains because of lack of space often get very good results by pulling out of their code, reviewing and analyzing the actual situation, and thinking through the process data. In fact, the manifestation of the data is the root of the change. (103)
  31. Slowly, he gradually realized that some parts of these documents included and expressed some management work. The preparation of each document is a major moment to focus on and make various discussions clear. If not, projects tend to be in a state of endless chaos. Document tracking and maintenance is a mechanism for project supervision and early warning. The document itself can be used as a checklist, status control, or as a data base for reporting. (108)
  32. In order to market forecasts, the first step is to develop product performance specifications and to determine the hypothetical price. The value from the market forecast, together with the number of component units derived from the design, determines the estimated cost of production, which in turn results in a development effort and a fixed cost per unit. These costs also determine the price. (109)
  33. This similarity is not accidental-the focus of any management task is time, place, people, project content, and funding. (110)
  34. "The organization structure of the design system receives the constraints of the product, and the system is the mapping of the communication structure of these organizations." "(111)
  35. First, a written record of the decision is necessary. Only by recording, the differences will be clear, the contradiction will be prominent; second, the document can be used as a communication channel with other people. The project manager will continue to discover that many of the strategies that should be universally accepted are not known to some members of the team; Finally, the project manager's documentation can be used as a data base and checklist. (111)
  36. If you have started to recognize their universality and importance, then you can use the document as a tool to make the most of it, without making it a tedious task. By working with documents, project managers can set their own direction more clearly and quickly. (112)

"People's Month myth" reading notes (ii)

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