People's Notes: Open Office environment

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Preface : I slowly notice, in reading, my ears do not listen to a bit of noise, if there is noise, I found that the eyes just read the past content as if no slightest into my mind.


I started to wonder if the Open office environment I was after was really good for everyone. I think my intention is " to provide a spacious office environment to make everyone communicate smoothly!" "

But seeing the results of the research, I learned that people's communication is bound to produce sound, and that the voice to other workers may be a signal of interference, and our meeting rooms and offices are connected together, which at present seems to be a thorny issue, how to solve it?

Because I have a deep understanding of myself, I hope that when I work with great concentration, do not suffer from the slightest interference!


People remind me that in the office environment, compressed personal units of space will play a negative effect, so-called throttling, will let us lose more development efficiency.

At the same time, people remind me that good developers will inevitably accompany a good development environment, and a good development environment will bring better developers!

It made me make up my mind: don't allow the office to have noisy noises, noise, and try to minimize it!

We don't allow anyone to quarrel in the office because of something! But we will be on the weekends, or the opening hours to cheer you up!

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People's Notes: Open Office environment

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