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The Internet is tapping into the traditional world at one point. Computers, mobile phones, TVs, and cars now go to the home. In the mobile Internet field, with the continuous improvement and improvement of more and more devices and technologies, the home industry is an industry that is closely related to people's life at all times. Naturally, the Internet cannot spread.
In fact, smart home is not a new concept. Before the Internet, smart buildings, Smart Security, and smart buildings were available. The world's first smart building can be traced back to the United States in 1984. Smart home has been widely used for many years, including China.
The emergence of Iot is a watershed. With mobile communication technology, devices can be connected to the Internet by loading SIM cards, WiFi, and Bluetooth. The M2M (machine to machine) connecting objects makes more applications possible. Ericsson predicts that 2020 devices will be connected online in 50 billion, dozens of times that of smart phones. A large part of them come from home-related equipment, such as three tables (water, electricity, and gas), household appliances, security, parking lots, elevators, electric lights, and heating.
Smart Home is based on residential buildings. It integrates home life-related facilities using integrated wiring technology, network communication technology, security protection technology, automatic control technology, and audio/video technology, build an efficient management system for residential facilities and household calendar affairs, improve home security, convenience, comfort, and artistry, and implement an environmentally friendly and energy-saving living environment. Nowadays, with the continuous development and popularization of technologies and equipment, the home that is closely related to us is in line with the general trend. With a small app, you can monitor the situation at home at any time to avoid many unnecessary losses.
Traditional manufacturing enterprises are looking for a combination with the Internet. In the past, the household appliance industry valued Internet e-commerce channels. Now, we start to use the technology and capabilities of the Internet to explore new products and business models.
Smart Home makes human life better. The comfort and convenience it brings may surpass our imagination. Steve Jobs re-invented the mobile phone and the smart home will re-invent the "home ", bring a new way of life. Internet giants have advantages in technology R & D, economic capabilities, and resource integration. After joining the smart home industry, the explosion point has arrived in advance.

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