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Anaconda is a collection of Python science and technology packages, and functions like Python (x,y). It's a new show that has been updated many times. Package management using Conda,gui based on pyside, all the packages are basically the latest version, the scientific calculation of the package are: Numpy,sicpy,matplotlib,spyder ...

Anaconda is a completely free enterprise-class Python release large-scale data processing, predictive analysis and scientific computing tool.

Anaconda's version of the update is fast, which is not what other distributions can do. Therefore, in a variety of operating systems, whether Linux, or Windows, MAC, are recommended anaconda.

The Anacoda is a collection of Python science and technology packages, so different packages follow the same protocol, see

Anaconda Official Website:

PyQt5 and Eric6 are the perfect match for the fast development of GUI programs under a well-known Python platform.

But just contact these friends in the installation because of the dependence of the module will often encounter a lot of problems, some problems even the head of the big.

Because Anaconda itself contains a lot of common modules, can save a lot of trouble on installation, so I use Anaconda3 to do PyQt5 and ERIC6 installation.

Disclaimer: To prevent errors, I have installed visual Studio 2015 on my computer, as shown in

Pre-Preparation: Download the required software Anaconda Download Address: PyQt5 Download Address: Eric6 Download Address:

I download the anaconda is to support Python3.5 Windows 64-bit version of the installer, so PyQt5 and Eric6 have to download the corresponding version, the following figure for my download files, which eric6-i18n-zh_ file is a Chinese package file.

The following is a detailed introduction to the installation process:

First install Anaconda3, double-click the downloaded installation file. The installation interface will pop up after a moment's wait

Click Next to continue

Click I Agree

Click Next to continue

Select the installation directory and click Next, the default directory is C:\Anaconda3 here I use the default directory

The default two items all check, use to register environment variable, do not cancel, direct Install

After patiently waiting for installation to complete

Click Next

Click Finsh to complete the installation, view the Start menu has Anaconda3

The next operation is to solve many friends install PYQT5 and Eric6 the most difficult to solve the problem.

Since this is just a description of the installation, the use of software I do not do too much introduction here.

After installing Anaconda Click on the Start menu of Anaconda Navigator, open the Anaconda Management program, click on the left side of the environments, on the right side of the Drop-down list to find SIP Item, click on the check icon on the front end of the item and click Mark for Upgrade in the pop-up menu

Click Apply at the lower right corner to update the SIP version.

Click Ok in the pop-up window

Wait for a moment to update the complete

Next start installing PYQT5

Double-click the Pyqt5-5.6-gpl-py3.5-qt5.6.0-x64-2.exe installation file

Click Next

Click I Agree

Select Full and then click Next

Setup will automatically locate the installation directory to the Anaconda3 installation directory, directly Install

Wait a moment after the installation completes click Finish to complete the installation

Click on the Start Menu Designer to open the PyQt5 Designer window. next continue to install ERIC6

Extract the downloaded file into the C:\Anaconda3\Lib\site-packages directory

In fact, decompression to other locations are no problem, decompression to here is just my personal habits.

The Chinese file the same extract to the directory, the hint coverage can be covered.

The Anaconda Prompt that opens the Start menu is available directly from a command prompt program that Windows brings.

Enter CD C:\Anaconda3\Lib\site-packages\eric6-6.1.7 enter into our Eric6 unpacked directory

Enter the Python install carriage return start installation Eric6

When you are done, press enter to continue ...

Closes the window. View a eric6 folder in the C:\Anaconda3\Lib\site-packages directory

Enter the folder and double-click eric6.pyw to open Eric6

You can see that Eric6 is already in Chinese.

At this point has completed the installation, there is no shortage of welcome friends to correct me.

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