Perfect installation of Ubuntu12.10 latest AMD graphics card driver practice

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Editor's note: Install the Ubuntu graphics card driver with caution. Please note that this article is only for reference. After Ubuntu12.10 is installed, everything runs normally and the video card cannot be restored when it is suspended for standby. When you install the Ubuntu automatic ati/amd open-source driver, everything on the desktop may go wrong. A blank piece of unity won't be started, if Ubuntu12.04 still can enter unity-2d had to install amd card driver my driver model: AM

Editor's note: Install the Ubuntu graphics card driver with caution. Please note that this article is only for reference.

After Ubuntu 12.10 is installed, everything runs normally, and there is a major problem with the video card, that is, it cannot be restored when the standby mode is suspended, and a black screen is displayed directly. Install Ubuntu automatic ati/amd open source driver desktop what all wood problems, a blank unity will not start, if Ubuntu 12.04 can also enter the unity-2d

I had to install the amd driver on my own.

My driver model: AMD Radeon HD 6xxx


Official installation instructions:

The procedure is as follows:


$ 7z x


$ Sudo sh

Error message:


One or more tools required for installation cannot be found on the system.

Install the required tools before installing the fglrx driver. Optionally, run the installer with -- force option to install without the tools.

Forcing install will disable amd hardware acceleration and may make your system unstable. Not recommended.

See usr/share/ati/fglrx-install.log for more details.

The solution is as follows:


$ Sudo apt-get update

$ Yes | sudo apt-get upgrade

$ Yes | sudo apt-get install linux-headers-generic fglrx-updates

Run the command again.


$ Sudo sh

Reference: T = 2073410

After installation, run the following command:

For versions of X. Org newer than 7,


$ Sudo/usr/bin/aticonfig -- initial

For versions of X. Org older than 7,


$ Sudo/usr/X11R6/bin/aticonfig -- initial

Restart ubuntu 12.10.

Now, no black screen is available when the standby mode is suspended ~~ Shuang I love Ubuntu 12.10

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