Perfect solution for power consumption during t61 sleep

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Since I started using t61, the power consumption problem during sleep has caused me a headache. One night's power consumption is reduced by 8% to 12%. Although my battery is just used for UPS, it is always troublesome to watch it charge and discharge there. This problem has never been encountered before.
Search for the solution in the jar. The sleep wake-up switch of NIC, wireless Nic, and modem is passed through customs. The problem remains unsolved.
It seems that the solution is to unplug the power first and then sleep, or unplug the battery after sleep. I think this is too troublesome, So I simply switched to shutdown.

Yesterday, I accidentally saw the command line tool powercfg under cmd. After carefully studying all the parameters, I ran this
C: \> powercfg-devicequery wake_programmable
ThinkPad Modem
Hid-compliant mouse (001)
Intel (r) 82566 gigabit network connection
High Definition audio Intel (r) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN

C: \>
The above lists the devices that can be configured to wake up the system from a certain sleep state .".
The first line is the cat, the second line is the external mouse, the third line is the built-in Nic, And the last line "high definition audio Intel (r) Wireless WiFi Link 4965AGN" caught my attention, there is an additional "high definition audio" in front of the wireless network card ". This may be a bug. The two devices are written as one line.
Run the following
C: \> powercfg-devicequery wake_armed
High Definition audio

C: \>
Here, a device is configured to wake up.
With powercfg-devicedisablewake "ThinkPad modem", you can smoothly turn off the modem wake-up switch.
However, this "high definition audio" cannot be disabled in the same way ".

Open the Device Manager, but you cannot find this "high definition audio ". Select "Sort devices by connection" in the "View" menu of the Device Manager. The "High Definition Audio Controller" can be found below. Use powercfg-devicedisablewake "high definition Audio Controller.
Run now
C: \> powercfg-devicequery wake_armed

C: \>
No device is configured for wake-up.

In the evening, I checked the power, 98%. Sleep. Unplug the power and go to bed.
In the morning, I came to the office, turned on the power, and recovered from sleep (after all, it was much faster than power-on). The power usage was 98% ,!!!!!!!!!!!!! Done !!!!!!!!!!!!!

My system is t61 and Vista. I think other models or XP can be used in the same way.

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