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1. performance is a function:

Always put performance first in the design process

Plan the performance at the beginning of the design.

Do not use "add performance" as a subsequent task!

Once the project is compiled, adding performance will be difficult.

Measure and perform repeated tests throughout the project.

Performance is not achieved overnight

Repeated tests and surveys are the most effective method.

Second, Judge web performance:

Client Response Time

Definition: After a remote site is clicked, the browser displays how fast the web application responds"

"Fast" is relative. It is necessary to quantify specific applications.

Measured by ttfb (response time of the first byte)

Measured by TTLB (response time of the last byte)

Affect customer satisfaction with Applications

Iii. Web performance evaluation (continued ):

Server Throughput

Definition: number of client requests that a server can process under certain configurations

Measured by the number of requests that can be processed per second

This affects the configuration and quantity of servers you need to purchase.

Can serve as an important basis for system upgrade

4. Method to Measure web performance:

The only way to measure the performance of a Web server is to perform a stress test (stress testing) on the server. The only way to measure the performance is to refresh the browser click ......
Collect multiple typical application scenarios: Simulate typical transaction processing during application execution to measure the performance (Hotspot) of a common single page and determine the usage of each scenario and page
Identify the system performance indicators through testing: server processing capability

Determine acceptable ttfb/TTLB
Maximum client load supported by the response time range (concurrent users)

Five performance testing tools:

Microsoft Web application stress Tool can be downloaded for free (10 MB). It is applicable to XP, 2000, and 2003 Microsoft Application Center Test Tool (ACT) as part of vs. NET Enterprise.

Enable richer scripts and reports

Sat.Main Performance Metrics perfmon counters:

Processor, CPU % Utilization

Low numbers = blocking or lock contentionasp. net, requests in application queue linear growth indicates that the server has reached full load ASP. net Applications, requests/sec dynamic throughput (consistent-no large fluctuations) Asp. NET application, errors total indicates a function-level error (should be 0) Asp. net APP/worker process restarts indicates a serious programming error
(Should be 0)

VII.Considerations for stress testing environments:

Run stress testing tools on machines independent of web servers and application servers

Otherwise, the tool will be out of the maximum range of the server CPU. For heavy loads, use multiple client machines. Specifically, it is used to measure the 56 K dialing to eliminate any bottlenecks other than the application. Network, client, etc.

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