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Performance optimization is the core problem of database application. Current commercial or open source database products, development has become more mature, few frequent crashes are urgently needed to repair the situation. In addition to day-to-day routine maintenance tasks, DBAs spend most of their energy on optimizing databases. In 2005, Itpub also had a technical book on Oracle Database Performance optimization (Gai, Feng Chunpei, Ye Liang, Feng Dahui), which was welcomed by Oracle DBAs. It is now a pleasure to see that a book on database optimization is added to the Itpub technology series.

Founded on September 26, 2001, Itpub has developed into the largest database technology discussion community in the country. Mr. Tan Huaiyuan, the author of the book, joined the Itpub on September 28, 2001 for nearly nine years. He in such a long time, long-term work in the forefront of the database business, accumulated a lot of rich experience, but also form their own unique insights. And these insights, and most of the text in this book, this book is not only a summary of knowledge, but also personal technical feelings (I am here to use an innovative vocabulary, most of the long-term technical work of the people, have a kind of ink in the chest, have to send a feeling) to express. Throughout the book, I personally agree with the author that "The hardest thing is not technology itself, but when and what technology to use." When the DBA from the cumbersome day-to-day work out, looking at the time, and then forward a field is the structure of the problem, the best of the most thorough, can be once and for all optimization, often from the architectural design began. Look forward to Huaiyuan the future of the new works, can be in this piece of the wider world gallop.

I feel that one of the biggest features of this book is that the author through one of his emotional things in writing, can be said to be a kind of emotional confession of technology, so it is sincere, this sincerity will affect the reader's mood when reading, so that you in a rather perceptual and humane atmosphere to read, relaxed and interesting, Rather than a cold, boring technical discussion, this is a remarkable feature of the book that distinguishes it from other technical books.

This book covers almost all of the optimization-related knowledge points, as well as some very new content, such as bind peeking, parallel execution, execution plan, cardinality (cardinality), 10053 events, and so on, which are very useful for readers who are eager to understand the performance optimization.

Itpub predecessor is on the smiling Oracle Electronics group, just started when the itpub plate is not much, only Oracle database management, Oracle development, OCP, CISCO, network integration, the sky these several plates, the number of members only more than 10,000 people, Over the past 9 years of development, Itpub has more than 100 technology plate, registered membership of more than 2.3 million people. The daily update of the discussion posts tens of thousands. Itpub and the development of such as Huaiyuan June experts, front-line technical workers of long-term support is inseparable, in this also to Huaiyuan June thanked, no you will not have today's itpub.

Itpub founder Tigerfish

June 8, 2010

title: Let Oracle run faster-oracle 10g performance analysis and optimization idea

Author: Tan Huaiyuan to

ISBN 978-7-121-11325-3

Release Date: years 8 Month

Pricing: 59.00 Yuan

format: Open

page: 456 page

Promotional language

The first real sense of the domestic from the work experience,

A comprehensive exposition of the author's experience Oracle a book that optimizes database performance.

within a brief Introduction to tolerance

In this book the reader will learn some thoughts and thoughts on the optimization of the performance of the author, some troubleshooting methods and principles, these things are the author in practice long-term accumulation of experience, when the reader has mastered some of the basic ideas to deal with the problem, become a qualified DBA is an easy thing.

This book applies to Oracle DBAs, Oracle developers, and other people who are interested in Oracle databases.

made by Jane

Tan Huaiyuan, vice-president, head of the DBA team, is a member of the country's early entry into a full-time DBA position. is a well-known database forum Itpub senior Moderator, forum ID alantany. 10 Years of Oracle DBA experience, from Oracle 8 into the database field, from Oracle 8 to Oracle 8i,oracle 9i,oracle 10g, witnessed the development of China's DBA career. The author has a unique view on the performance optimization of the database, and is quite good at the design management and optimization of the data database.

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