Performance test engineers should pay attention to the specifications

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What do you need to focus on when performing performance tests on a software?

We think about what roles are involved in software design, deployment, use, and maintenance, and then consider what the performance points are for each of these roles, and what should we focus on as a software performance test engineer?

1, the purpose of development software is to allow users to use, we first stand in the user's perspective analysis, users need to pay attention to what performance.

For the user, when clicking on a button, link or issuing an instruction to start, to the system to show the results of the user-perceived form, the process of the time spent is the user of the software performance of the intuitive impression. That is what we call response time, when the response time is very small, the user experience is very good, of course, the user experience response time includes individual subjective factors and objective response time, in the design of software, we need to consider how to better combine these two parts to achieve the best user experience. Such as: The user in the large data volume query, we can first extract the data presented to the user, in the process of the user to continue the data retrieval, then the user does not know what we are doing in the background.

The user is concerned with the response time of the user action.

2, stand in the perspective of the administrator to consider the performance points to be concerned.

1. Response Time

2, the server resources to make the situation is reasonable

3, Application Server and database resources use is reasonable

4, the system can be extended

5, the maximum number of user access to support the system, the maximum amount of business processing capacity

6. Where can the bottleneck of system performance exist

7, replace those devices can improve performance

8, the system can support 7x24 hours of business access

3, stand in the development (design) personnel angle to consider.

1, the structure design is reasonable

2, the database design is reasonable

3. Is there any performance problem with the code?

4. Is there any unreasonable memory usage in the system?

5, whether there is unreasonable thread synchronization in the system

6, whether there is unreasonable resource competition in the system

while standing on the performance test Engineer's point of view, We need to focus on all of the above performance metrics and fine-tune the actual situation.

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Performance test engineers should pay attention to the specifications

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