Performance Test Summary

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1. Performance Test Considerations

2. Performance test steps

3. Common performance indicators

4. Performance counters

Steps for 5.LoadRunner tool performance testing

1. Performance Considerations

1.1 Optimizing Performance 1.2 minimizing costs 1.3 minimization of risks 1.4 Delivery of high-quality systems

pay attention to performance test cost factors ?evaluate the current performance of the system?find bottlenecks and optimize performance?predicting future performance and stability of the system


2. Performance test Steps

-----------------------------------one ----------------------------------

--Software architectureunderstand how the software works, such as whether it provides page access or API interface Services, or some other original invocation service --Communication protocolunderstand the communication protocol, in order to select the appropriate tools according to the communication protocol, choose the protocol for the later step writing, execution, etc. --Logic functionunderstand the logic function in order to have a further understanding of the requirements: if the demand says to meet the people online, but what are these people doing, each function of the number of transactions? ----------------------------------- ----------------------------------

--Demand decompositionThe need for a sentence decomposition, decomposition to the requirements of various functions: if the Forum system support 10W people at the same time online: you need to base on the existing forum online number, number of posts,PV number calculation, get the new system 10W Number of posts per second, PV per second, etc. specific to a single function, single transaction performance requirements --Demand understandingRequirements for decomposition in accordance with other requirements or industry rules, the development of each transaction, a single function specific performance indicators: such as response time, the number of transactions per second data, such as page open speed following 1,3,5 principles

3. Common performance indicators

----------------------------------- three---------------------------------- --Choice of conceptProfessional, stable and efficientNow the Performance Test tool: Personal advice to choose LoadRunner --FeaturesProfessional -- industrial-grade performance testing Solutions stability -HP International Company offers Efficient - use a wide range of comprehensive help documents -----------------------------------four ------------------ ----------------


4. Performance counters



--Verificationregression testing primarily verifies performance problem resolution--Optimizationfor solving problems that are not found on the upper-whorl test -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Steps for 5.LoadRunner Tool performance testing

1. Planning Your load Test

Define performance test requirements, such as the number of concurrent users, typical business processes, and response times for requirements

2. Create a VUser script

Recording end-user activity in an Automation script

3. Define a scene

Set up a load test environment, manual, target-oriented using LoadRunner Controller

4. Run the scene

Drive, manage, and monitor load tests with LoadRunner Controller

5. Analysis Results

Use LoadRunner analysis to create diagrams and reports and evaluate performance


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Performance Test Summary

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