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With the gradual development of the software testing industry, performance testing has become increasingly popular. Performance testing has become a topic of great interest from the popularity of various testing forums and test communication groups. Performance testing, as a relatively technical job in the software testing industry (automated testing, white-box testing, and performance testing), I personally feel that the Operation threshold is not low. It is difficult for new testers to get started, so it is easier to do well. It may take a lot of time but it is not practical. Therefore, I think it is necessary to discuss the performance testing threshold and how to make it better.

First, we will analyze some common questions about performance testing entry-level:

1How can this problem be solved?PhotoshopSuch StandaloneProgramPerformance testing;

2, UseDelphiWhat protocol should be used to record scripts for developed programs;

3, UseIPCan spoofing be used to test the Internet;

About1Problems, the problem itself is not wrong, the standalone version also has performance problems. But it is different from what we usually call performance testing. If this is a problem, I think it is caused by the unclear concept and principle of performance testing. The2You can't answer these questions. We know that the protocols used for performance testing are determined by the system architecture and communication protocols of the tested system, regardless of the development tools or languages you use. The3Question, aboutIPSpoofing is generally only used on the Intranet. No matter how you cheat on the Intranet, the network address is converted to the InternetIPThe address represents your public networkIPUnless you set it to a public network at the beginningIPAddress, but this is generally not possible. This problem shows that the questioner's understanding of network knowledge is not deep enough.

The above problems reflect a common phenomenon in the study performance testing staff, lack of necessary knowledge accumulation, lack of knowledge, but due to learning interests or work pressure expectations eager for success, this leads to a conflict.

In my opinion, performance testing is a comprehensive task and can even be viewed as a project.

From the knowledge system of performance testing, you need to master the basic knowledge, business knowledge, development knowledge, and performance testing tools of performance testing.

L basic knowledge includes the principle of performance testing, common test types, methods, and policies, how to conduct a performance testing process, such as planning, design, implementation, and analysis. Without the basic knowledge of performance testing, all simple performance tests will encounter various problems in your hands, and test communication will become difficult to communicate, while the success rate of performance testing will be greatly reduced.

L business knowledge is usually ignored. Performance testing has practical value only based on the application scenarios of the tested system. The test scenario has a decisive impact on the performance test results. Therefore, the design of the test scenario is critical, the scenario design needs to be combined with the business application. In some of the more formal performance testing processes, there will be business personnel to work with the performance case design.

L development-related knowledge is also required. Generally, this is our biggest drawback. This knowledge includes the operating system, database, application server, middleware, and network. Every one of them is a deep learning, and it seems unrealistic to require the performance testers to be proficient. But at least the knowledge needs to be mastered. For example, there are usually some parameters that need to be monitored and adjusted, and how they communicate and operate, A lack of knowledge may lead to inaccurate test simulation or inadequate problem locating, performance tests without the support of this knowledge will become difficult to start or the progress of learning will have a great impact.

LThe Application of testing tools, which is the focus of current learning. Only before3To help achieve the test goal.

From another perspective, performance testing can be divided into technical, method, and management aspects. If there is no way to provide guidance, there is no way to do it. If there is technology, there is no way to do it. At the same time, performance testing is often used as an independent stage and activity, and requires project management, such as a performance test acceptance test at the customer's site, communication with customers, preparation of time plans, control of Test Progress, Version Management of test scripts and test data, and coordination of various resources all require management.

From the above analysis, we can see that the performance testing work requires so much knowledge, so it has become a threshold for performance testing to a certain extent. This comprehensive threshold will become an obstacle for many new beginners in performance testing. To overcome this obstacle, we recommend that you learn and improve it in a targeted manner based on your knowledge system.

Performance testing is a task that emphasizes both technology and method. Currently, many people talk about technology and method in the forum, and even learn test tools without any basic knowledge of performance testing, I don't think so. We should realize that testing tools are only part of performance testing and are only a means to achieve the purpose of performance testing. The greatest value of Performance Testing for us lies in our methods and experience. Our goal is to learn things above the entire performance testing process, rather than understanding a specific testing tool.LoadRunnerIt is not omnipotent. In what circumstances should we use the tools to achieve the best results? We need to judge.

In addition, learning requires a step-by-step process. Performance Testing requires a long time of knowledge accumulation and there is no shortcut. From the perspective of learning efficiency and career development, I do not recommend that new users who have no experience in testing get involved in performance testing as soon as they get started. This will take you more time and energy to learn, is an effect that is more than half done.

I don't know how to talk about it. please correct me.

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