Performance tuning tools for SQL Server 2005

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Since the project's data volume is very large, the daily average new data almost reached 5 digits, the performance of the database has become the key to the whole project, how to optimize it? Not only from the database logic design or physical design should be careful planning and consideration.

Physical optimization has the most stupid way is to improve the performance of the database, and then a tall grade is a reasonable organization of database files and the location of the temp database, logical optimization is nothing more than a good database design data when the three paradigm is a little untenable, Appropriate data redundancy is also an effective means to improve the efficiency of database retrieval, but these require experienced guys to be able to navigate, fortunately SQL2005 provides a database optimization tool to make optimization of this work at a certain level to become simple, SQL2000 also provides a similar function but very not available, 2005 is just to make this function available, in principle and method is the same, this point also have to admire Microsoft, one is not perfect function also dare to take Out (2000) The second functional architecture of the outstanding design makes the function has a strong continuity and Scalability (2005 2000 of the function to retain and improve).

The optimization tool is simple to use

1: Use SQL Server Porfiler (Event Viewer) to record all the steps of the operation database in the business system and save it as a working file.

2: Open sql2005 's database Engine tuning Advisor will be recorded as a working file and the system will automatically optimize your databases based on your working files.

This optimization is based on working files to determine which tables need to be indexed, another is to create partitions, which are optimized from the storage structure of the database, but it does not tell you that the SQL statement is not a problem, if it can only be able to achieve this level of the end of the good.

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