Periodic summary and Analysis

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Know the blog Park for more than a year, from the discovery of the first moment of the blog park, I found that I fell in love with it. Always want to leave something, and for a variety of reasons and not finished. I like to reflect on myself, I think regular reflection of themselves, can give themselves more confidence in the future, so that their goals are more clear, but also in time to adjust their own life status. National Day holiday last day from home to work quarters, a person just reflect on their recent situation, as their first blog essay bar.

Think back to know the blog Park or the last company to take my eldest brother introduced, now has left that for nearly 2 months. I think I am a stubborn person (in the words of LOL is the head of the iron, so I like the pot like the players), which is why I left the home company. I think it is inevitable to leave a company that I think has a lot of problems with the value of work, personal ability and salary assessment. But still quite miss those small partners, after all, the process is always worth remembering. For the job, I still have my own idea: "How much ability you have, you have to strive to get how much pay." The amount of money to be earned is how much you pay. "

In the new company also has one months, the previous period of time the CTO recommended us a book "Refresh: Rediscover business and the future", just in the national day at home rough time again. Originally this blog want to write this book, think about it or write a recent summary and ideas are written, and book as part of the written in. The work in the back is so busy that it's hard to have a quiet day. The author of the book, written by Microsoft's third CEO, focuses on some of his personal experiences, as well as Microsoft's focus on transition in recent years and Microsoft's vision of future technology and business. Some of the most impressive keywords in this book are "empathy", "refreshing", "creating the future rather than predicting the future." Empathy runs through his work, life, and even his values. We knew a lot of things to learn to think about when we were young, but we often ignored them. I was very impressed by the story of the author of the book. When he interviewed Microsoft, the interviewer asked him, "If you meet a forgotten baby on the road and cry on the ground, what would you do?" He said he called the police the first time. The interviewer told him: "You should pick him up the first time, you still lack empathy." I think I might answer as much as he does. I feel I need more empathy when I live with people. For the refresh and to create the future, I think it is the embodiment of courage and practical action. Both of these are indispensable in our lives. Dare to abandon a piece of land, dare to innovate, and give action, but not only fantasy. I still recommend more reading in life, cutting is not limited to the technical aspects of the book. Technical books can improve our technology, other aspects also have a lot of fine books, inside the idea, always awaken our soul forgotten that part of the outstanding ideas and quality.

For the future, I am now working on. NET Core development in a new company (which is the main reason why I chose this company.) A little spit, the core is now a lot of pits, one months have stepped on several. Although Java is now at its zenith in China, I have also thought about turning java. But I know. NET until now less than two years, I think I also need to precipitate a period of time, perhaps a year, perhaps two years. If. NET core has been so tepid for two years in the country, I might as well turn to Java or Python. Not much to say, the current top plan for the. NET Core MVC source began to learn. Secondly, we should deepen the understanding of the design pattern and the design idea, deepen the understanding of the Linux,docker operation and operations technology, and the DDD and database. Embrace the new technology, to create value for the company, write their own satisfaction with the product, and finally improve themselves, to their own refueling!

Everything starts hard, my first blog, haha. This time write your own periodic summary and analysis, and then write a summary of the technology, deepen the understanding of technology.



Periodic summary and Analysis

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