Periodic summary of good code style of PHP in project research

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This article summarizes PHP good code style, share to everyone for your reference, specifically as follows:

1. Avoid using magic number

if ($age <18) {}

This 18 doesn't quite understand why it's going to be this way.

28 can be defined in a variable, the variable name indicates the meaning of this value

$adult _age = 18;//Adult cutoff Age if ($age < $adult _age) {}

2. Return result of function: Do not use a variable to store the returned result

Once you know the return result, you should return immediately. The advantage of doing this is that you can reduce errors.

3, function with a lot of parameters. No more than three

If there are many parameters, try to aggregate into a model to pass in. For example, an array, an instance can be.

Why are too many parameters affecting the stability of the method?

Changes, for example, can become cumbersome.

I understand now. This method needs to be passed in with a new parameter, so the code that originally called this method has to be changed.

When you do the interface, you often encounter similar problems.

function forgot ($userName, $email, $email _url, $format = ' json ')

The above is a three parameter.

Originally someone called this function is,

Forgot ($userName, $email, $email _url, $format = ' json ');

Now that the demand is changing, a new parameter needs to be added. What to do?

The original code will have to be modified accordingly. method is not stable. Or just re-open a way to adapt to the new requirements. or modify the caller's calling code.

But there's a kind of thing to avoid.

The original passed parameters are made into an array form, as follows:

Forgot ($params =array (), $format = ' json ');

Aggregated into an array. This allows you to add any number of arguments.

How to understand: PHP engine built-in functions, with multiple parameters of the case?

Design flaws?

4. The parameters of the method contain Boolean parameters.

This means that this method is not accomplishing a single goal. violated a single duty. Added complexity.

For everyone to think about: how to understand the problems in our code now?

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I hope this article is helpful to you in PHP programming.

The above introduces the topic of the periodic summary of PHP good code style, including the topic of the periodic summary of the content, I hope that the PHP tutorial interested friends helpful.

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