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Access_fine_location, marker, and access_mock_location are information about GPS positioning. Android. Permission. access_fine_location, Android. Permission. permission, and Android. Permission. access_mock_location must be declared.

Access_network_state is the permission Control for obtaining the network status. To obtain information about the current GSM network, declare Android. Permission. access_network_state in androidmanifest. xml.

Access_surface_flinger is the token for using the surfaceflinger underlying API and must declare Android. Permission. access_surface_flinger

Access_wifi_state permission can be used to obtain WLAN wireless networks such as Wi-Fi. Add Android. Permission. access_wifi_state

Add_system_service is the management permission of the System Service database. For example, to add a system service, you must declare Android. Permission. add_system_service.

Battery_stats is the permission token for obtaining battery devices on the Android platform. You must declare Android. Permission. battery_stats to obtain battery information.

Bluetooth: Android. Permission. Bluetooth

Javasth_admin is a Bluetooth management permission that includes identity security authentication. You must add the Android. Permission. javasth_admin class.

Brick "android. Permission. Brick"

Broadcast_package_removed is the broadcast package removal class permission. You can remove a specified system message. You must declare Android. Permission. broadcast_package_removed.

Broadcast_sticky "android. Permission. broadcast_sticky"

Call_phone is the permission that allows the Android mobile phone to call "android. Permission. call_phone"

Call_privileged "android. Permission. call_privileged"

Camera is a camera permission control that enables "android. Permission. Camera" for photo management"

Change_component_enabled_state "android. Permission. change_component_enabled_state"

Change_configuration is the permission to control sensitive information such as Android system settings. It must have the Android. Permission. change_configuration declaration during modification.

Change_network_state "android. Permission. change_network_state"

Change_wifi_state is the function for changing the WLAN status. If you enable or disable Wi-Fi, you must add the Android. Permission. change_wifi_state statement.

Clear_app_cache clearProgramThe cache also requires permissions. Do not forget to include Android. Permission. clear_app_cache.

Clear_app_user_data "android. Permission. clear_app_user_data"

Delete_cache_files "android. Permission. delete_cache_files"

Delete_packages "android. Permission. delete_packages"

Device_power "android. Permission. device_power"

Disable_keyguard "android. Permission. disable_keyguard"

Dump "android. Permission. Dump"

Expand_status_bar "android. Permission. expand_status_bar"

Factory_test "android. Permission. factory_test"
Flashlight "android. Permission. Flashlight"
Force_back "android. Permission. force_back"
Fota_update "android. Permission. fota_update"
Get_accounts "android. Permission. get_accounts"
Get_package_size "android. Permission. get_package_size"
Get_tasks "android. Permission. get_tasks"
Hardware_test "android. Permission. hardware_test"
Inject_events "android. Permission. inject_events"
Install_packages "android. Permission. install_packages"
Internal_system_window "android. Permission. internal_system_window"
Internet "android. Permission. Internet"
Manage_app_tokens "android. Permission. manage_app_tokens"
Master_clear "android. Permission. master_clear"
Modify_audio_settings "android. Permission. modify_audio_settings"
Modify_phone_state "android. Permission. modify_phone_state"
Mount_unmount_filesystems "android. Permission. mount_unmount_filesystems"
Persistent_activity "android. Permission. persistent_activity"
Process_outgoing_cils "android. Permission. process_outgoing_cils"
Read_calendar "android. Permission. read_calendar"
Read_contacts "android. Permission. read_contacts"
Read_frame_buffer "android. Permission. read_frame_buffer"
Read_input_state "android. Permission. read_input_state"
Read_logs "android. Permission. read_logs"
Read_owner_data "android. Permission. read_owner_data"
Read_phone_state "android. Permission. read_phone_state"
Read_sms "android. Permission. read_sms"
Read_sync_settings "android. Permission. read_sync_settings"
Read_sync_stats "android. Permission. read_sync_stats"

Receive_boot_completed is generally used to declare a self-starting program. This broadcast is sent when the Android system starts. Therefore, the self-starting program must declare Android. Permission. receive_boot_completed to run properly.

Receive_mms "android. Permission. receive_mms"
Receive_sms "android. Permission. receive_sms"
Receive_wap_push "android. Permission. receive_wap_push"
Record_audio "android. Permission. record_audio"
Reorder_tasks "android. Permission. reorder_tasks"
Restart_packages "android. Permission. restart_packages"
Send_sms "android. Permission. send_sms"
Set_activity_watcher "android. Permission. set_activity_watcher"
Set_always_finish "android. Permission. set_always_finish"
Set_animation_scale "android. Permission. set_animation_scale"
Set_debug_app "android. Permission. set_debug_app"
Set_orientation "android. Permission. set_orientation"
Set_preferred_applications "android. Permission. set_preferred_applications"
Set_process_foreground "android. Permission. set_process_foreground"
Set_process_limit "android. Permission. set_process_limit"
Set_time_zone "android. Permission. set_time_zone"
Set_wallpaper "android. Permission. set_wallpaper"
Set_wallpaper_hints "android. Permission. set_wallpaper_hints"
Signal_persistent_processes "android. Permission. signal_persistent_processes"
Status_bar "android. Permission. status_bar"
System_alert_window "android. Permission. system_alert_window"
Vibrate "android. Permission. Vibrate"
Wake_lock "android. Permission. wake_lock"
Write_calendar "android. Permission. write_calendar"
Write_contacts "android. Permission. write_contacts"
Write_owner_data "android. Permission. write_owner_data"
Write_settings "android. Permission. write_settings"
Write_sms "android. Permission. write_sms"
Write_sync_settings "android. Permission. write_sync_settings"

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