Persistence, change, and discard

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Fang Lijun, a young artist famous for his unique bald-headed paintings, has been in a sharp contrast with the world art circle for over 10 years.

Why does it look like a flash of red?

This is inseparable from his persistent efforts in one direction. It is difficult for an artist like this without an academic background to mix in a well-developed circle like the Chinese art world, but he is so persistent in him, it's hard to figure out a path by just drawing the pig-style bald head.

Revelation 1: when you have your own style, that is, when you score, the premise is that you do have strength.

Fang Lijun has been famous for nearly 10 years and has not followed the rules, but has continuously created new styles. The style of master artists is very important to them, just like their trademark signs. It is very risky to establish a new style. However, he finds a good balance between maintaining style and forming a new style. He creates a new style that people cannot predict without losing the old one, this enables him to remain at the forefront of the world's art world and become a real world-class art master.

Revelation 2: keeping the original style while unexpected innovation is an important means to keep the rising momentum after success.

After winning numerous honors, Fang Lijun began to reflect again. Is it good to paint for dinner? When realizing that a professional painter must create at any time, he chooses to be an amateur artist and draw when he wants to paint. This is done in artistic creation rather than in artistic production.

This is a unique method for artists. They can choose other methods, such as opening restaurants, as a profession, and use their favorite paintings as hobbies, so as to maintain good inspiration and do not have to be reluctant to live.

Revelation 3: occupation is for life. 

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