Persistence is a capability

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My friend asked me, why do I force myself to keep writing all day long? Do you think it makes sense? Calm down and think about it. This question cannot be explained. You can think of it as a hobby or a kind of life. It's like fishing, playing mahjong, and having nothing to do. In fact, many people are busy with meaningless things. In all these meaningless things, something that I think is a little bit meaningful, of course others will think meaningless.

Just like whether there is an ideal question, such a question is actually meaningless. The ideal and the reality are two worlds. Although this society always turns the story of the lucky person into an inspirational style to tell the importance of the ideal. However, there is little to do with the ideal. Many successes and the ideal are just the same. Otherwise, theology and Zhou Yi will not become an industry. There is no need to conduct a social survey on the construction spam screen. You can ask your own questions and you will understand the previous questions.

In the process of struggle, people need inspirational stories to cheer for themselves. Looking for examples is more often to comfort yourself. Like the carrots in front of the donkey, there is always a bit of fantasy, let the muddy reality fly for a while, continue to struggle after landing. What is the significance of hiking? Does it make sense to climb Everest? A: Where is the mountain. Why keep writing, because you want to be in this State. I like to write things in disorder. I always think This is more fun than watching soap opera, shopping, drinking, and playing mahjong. Of course, people have different fun.

In fact, many people define themselves, and then tell themselves that this can be done, that can not be done, think about it, do and do not do between, how much pleasure was hesitated? If you like to play mahjong, do it. Don't ask if it makes sense. You have the responsibility to please yourself. That's enough. A meaningful question is something of others, as long as you feel that life has fun.

Some people say that the reason for success is long enough. In fact, this is the same as age. If someone is 50 years old and someone is 100 years old and married another daughter-in-law, this life is wonderful enough. If you are still able to play mahjong at the age of 100, is there anything more meaningful and successful than this? I always want to keep writing in my limited life based on a meaningful and interesting path. When I was 80 years old, I could see how wise, foolish, and mixed-account I was. It makes sense for an old man because he lives and follows his favorite path.

What is text? Text is the perception and record of life and experience, which is a manifestation of life. In this society, at least the text should be benign. If you can keep writing without asking for money, it is an ideal life. As a man, of course, knowing that he is too close to the text is a kind of failure in life. However, there are a lot of failures in this society. At least you can comfort yourself with excuses. It is more meaningful than losing money or drinking alcohol.

The ideal is the flowers of the cloud. In the sky, when you are in your spare time, you can see the beauty and sweetness in your heart. Life is the place where you step on your feet. Every step must be solid, and the center of the forward will be settled to comfort yourself. Persistence is a kind of capability. Learn how to persevere. The ideal is a flower reflected in the persistence of reality, which can make the persistence look more beautiful. Therefore, as long as you stick to it and write something, it will be meaningful. Of course, the artistic conception of the text is the beauty of the ideal reflection into reality.

Persistence is a capability

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