Personal assignments-Data summation

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1. The first version of the program PROG1:
+ Given an array, implements the sum of the elements of the array, and specifically requires that all elements of a one-dimensional array (a[100]) be added.
+ Data Preparation: A) array length : 100;b) array data source : Experimental Data A column: 1~100,csv format fills the first 100 data.

2. The second version of the program PROG2:
+ Rewrite into a function (called arraysum), can realize the sum of all elements of any length array;
+ Data Preparation: A) array length : arbitrary; b) array data source : Experimental data column A.

3. Third version of the program Prog3:
+ Prog2 rewrite to be able to read data from a file, implement any length array, add elements within the specified range.
+ Data Preparation: A) array length : arbitrary; b) array data source : read from file.

As the C + + book has not been seen and used for a long time, so this homework took a long period. has been flipping through the contents of the array and function sections of the book. As for the format of the imported experimental data, the conversion to text documents and other errors that occur during the course of the operation is through the modification of their own, run a number of attempts, plus the student guidance made out.

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Personal assignments-Data summation

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