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I remember posting a post in the A5 forum in Friday, did not think of the post so hot, a bunch of confused, ah, the post did not promote, no refinement, no top, unexpectedly in a day to get 941 of the browsing volume, let me wonder for a long time, have to say that this thing for our vast number of webmaster have a general situation, Then is what kind of phenomenon, in fact is about Baidu site after only 20 of the phenomenon, Baidu said, in Monday, will reset site properties, but a week passed, our site is still so depressed, in the end what is the problem? How should we face it?


1th: What is the problem, then in the Baidu official, there is an explanation, "" Copy get, then explain, Baidu site has a problem, remember the previous period of time site property problems, that time the problem is what, is the site, appear after the URL irrelevant, When we use site query included, it is another site inside the page, have to say that this is a big problem Baidu, then sent a message that the site at 27th when the adjustment, and mentioned the adjustment restore site properties, resulting in this phenomenon.

2nd: Site property changes and googlepr the same day, as a result, had to say, when Baidu Lee released the message, said 27th to update, should not know when GOOGLEPR is, so the same day is a coincidence, is not Baidu's a difficult decision. said in Google PR on the same day, PR elevated, will be the site greatly reduced, will be PR lower, the site greatly increased, I believe that both sides are innocent talk.

3rd: What the problem is the third interpretation of site, in these days, Baidu statistics appears a tool called SEO recommendations, the application of people need to mailbox and mobile phone number, if there is a website and phone number, so that the promotion will be more convenient Baidu, hey, since someone said that, it explains the meaning of this, Or there is a point, when site is not used, Baidu statistics in the site should be the most accurate, when site no longer valid, Baidu statistics is nothing more than a good means, on the one hand, improve the installation, on the one hand, improve visibility, more borrowing Baidu statistics hit effect.

4th: My own understanding, site is the problem is Baidu in the data adjustment, after all, site is included in the Baidu ranking in the direct competition in the contestants, this point I believe we all know, so long certainly to solve the competition in the page has better relevance, and integration degree, Finally choose the following appropriate page to participate in competition, this is the meaning of the existence of Baidu, I believe that site will return to normal, after all, after Monday, Baidu has not how to make a selective update, waiting for a big update, will change.

Then we should how to face it, Baidu site appeared this problem, in fact, everyone does not want to see, especially in the Baidu in the optimization, Baidu is directly affected by the weight of the site, the impact is also a huge flow relationship, understandable, site phase for everyone is related to, calm, Not to site and the optimization of the neglect is the key, in the site properties, the most important is to provide the ranking of the Web page, which is to improve the reasons for inclusion, when this problem occurs, do not panic, because after all, is the problem of Baidu, is not our artificial interference and adjustment, waiting for updates, You can do it.

About site This point, do seo everyone should go to a good understanding of this aspect of the problem, a good grasp of it, adhere to the daily work and arrangements, coagulation fly with Xiamen trademark Registration network, reprint), SEO is that you insist on, and then the daily arrangements recorded. Efforts.

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