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Mr. Huang is 37 years old and his wife, Ms. Liu, is 35 years old. The couple jointly run a comprehensive wholesale department. My daughter is 10 years old and has a fourth grade. Her son is 5 years old and goes to kindergarten. The annual income of the household is 0.35 million yuan, and the monthly expenditure of the household is 8500 yuan, of which 3000 yuan is spent on clothing and food, and the monthly tuition fee of the children is 2000 yuan. There is a family car and a cargo truck worth a total of 0.2 million yuan, a set of real estate, the market value of 0.8 million yuan, the bank's one-year fixed deposits of 1 million yuan, the normal liquidity of 0.3 million yuan.

  Financial objectives

As the two children grow up, their spending will gradually increase. The husband and wife want their children to receive the best education and can study abroad if necessary. In the face of fierce competition in the same industry and unstable business income, Mr. Huang is worried about the education of children and the elder care of husband and wife in the future, it is hoped that financial management will accumulate university education funds for the two children, and the family will be guaranteed through reasonable financial planning.

  Financial advice

As individual industrial and commercial households, it is difficult for couples to avoid potential risks arising from unstable income. From the perspective of Household Income Expenditure, the annual household balance is RMB 0.248 million, which has a strong saving capacity, but there is also a risk of uncertain household income.

  Cash Planning

It is recommended that Mr. Huang retain about 50 thousand yuan (about 6 months of consumption expenses) as the family emergency reserve to deal with emergencies in daily life, this part of funds can be stored in a bank as a personal notice deposit. The notification deposit is an deposit not agreed upon, and the bank must be notified in advance of the withdrawal date and amount. The deposit rate is higher than the current deposit rate.

0.3 million yuan of liquidity can be used to purchase the bank's "accumulated over time" series of products. Funds can be collected at any time, which is convenient and fast. The expected annual return rate can reach 1.8%-2.2%, which is the best alternative to demand deposits. In this way, the Capital Access flexibility can be ensured while the income is several times higher than the current deposit.

Mr. Huang's identity and assets meet the requirements for applying for a BOC platinum card. In addition to basic functions such as global general, revolving credit, cash advances, free text messages, and flexible installment payment, the premium product platinum credit card is specially designed for successful elites, it also provides a series of exclusive value-added services.

  Insurance Planning

Since both husband and wife are individual industrial and commercial households, there is a lack of insurance protection. We recommend that you buy personal accident insurance first.

We also recommend that Mr. Huang and his wife purchase both critical illness and medical insurance. When purchasing major illness insurance and medical insurance, in the event of an accident, the insurance company can pay compensation to help relieve the burden, rather than putting the family into financial difficulties. We also recommend that you purchase short-term children's insurance (accident + medical care) for two children ).

  Education Gold Plan

It has become a major concern for parents to get better education and prepare an education fund to meet future needs.

It is recommended that Mr. Huang invest a few funds for the two children respectively. If the annual rate of return for each child is 2000 yuan per month, assuming that his daughter will go to college eight years later, he can accumulate an education fund of about 7% yuan. After 15 years of university study, my son will be able to accumulate about 0.64 million yuan of education money to pay for the university. It is recommended that you invest in different types of resources at the time of investment. You can configure bond funds, gold funds, and hybrid funds at the same time to reduce risks and achieve higher profits.

In addition, Mr. Huang can purchase Children's Education gold insurance for children, which provides insurance money for children's education needs in different stages of growth, reduces the economic burden of parents, and fully reflects the care and care of parents and children.

  Elder Care Plan

Considering that Mr. Huang and Mrs. Huang will gradually increase their spending as they grow older, we recommend that you configure low-risk anti-inflation products.

Mr. Huang's bank has a fixed account of 1 million yuan, which is flexible but difficult to resist inflation. It is recommended that funds be used to purchase bank's RMB financial products. Bank of China has released multiple RMB financial products, A variety of time periods and investment channels are available, especially for capital-preserving RMB financial products and structural deposit products, which have both principal guarantee, high expected earnings, and high earnings.

In addition, it is recommended that Mr. Huang and his wife each purchase an annuities pension insurance. From the end of the first year, 5% of the basic insurance amount will be paid each year, with an annual dividend. This insurance liability includes the survival insurance and death insurance. The beneficiary can receive the Survival Fund every year or within several time periods, regardless of the time and number of times until the insured dies. You can purchase hospitalization insurance and major illness insurance.

■ Liang Xing, reporter from Sanxiang Huasheng all-Media

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