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After the holiday due to the PHE in the teaching activities, so to now come home soon, learning Java time is relatively short, but for Java, personal feeling and last semester study C very much like, especially for the assignment of this point, my understanding should be more profound, Java is also composed of some framework , but the process of loading Java is more complicated than I thought, after some tossing or loading.

Now the progress is still relatively slow, the new year before the family a pile of things, after the new year to step up the progress, before the start of the first eight chapters before the content, now just to the floating point, but also skilled Java basic expression structure, relative to C is still a little complex, but also is that some basic statements, It's a lot of work to remember.

Java I understand a little bit, that is, variable what, and the past seems to be a routine, so learn faster, while there is still a little time, before the new Year pre-school several chapters should be no problem, and then is more practice, practice proficiency is good.

Personal insights about Java

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