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When I went to Xiamen for a wandering trip, there were several hundred items on my body. If the Back-to-forth Ticket Fee was included, I would not have enough money to eat or live for 300 yuan. During this period, in order to survive, I thought a lot of ways to save money and eat and live for free. Then I survived. So we had this idea. Xiamen is a great tourist city, and many people will go there from various places, especially gulangyu. There are also a lot of volunteer jobs, free water sources, free beds and so on. I have an idea that android's main revenue is advertising, and tourism advertising should be able to become a considerable revenue.

Instead of embedding advertisements on the client interface, tourism advertisements completely turn the entire program into advertisements. Today's games will also have some soft embedded advertisements. The advertisement form is to use specific real-world products as virtual products in the game. Based on this, the whole travel advertisement can be converted into a game.

Therefore, based on our own experiences, we can guess the operating mode of such a company: We can take the entire gulangyu Island as a game map, from the starting point of how to ride, the fare, the specific reality, the car, what kind of public transportation is available at a certain point, how much the bus fee is, what kind of food and beverage is available at a certain point, hotel stores, and how much the price is. You can perform it on your own and then virtualize the reality, to put it bluntly, it is the travel version of virtual life. There can be a lot of technical skills, such as where to drink free water, where to find free beds, where to take free boats, where to do it at a cost, then, each player enters his/her budget at the beginning of the game. Based on his/her own method, there are also tips we provide. Players can also check the actual information online and have corresponding information in the game, it allows gamers to simulate a reality before a tour in a variety of ways: at least the cost, the most tourist attractions, volunteers, and other such schemes. Local hotels and restaurants can also update discount information and room quantity information in game stores in real time, which can also turn the game into a guide for real-time update of information in real-time travel!

Developers can try it out in different ways, which is also a very encouraging open working mode. The biggest problem is communication and charging with the whole industry related to tourism.

This is my preliminary idea. I think it is feasible, but it is difficult to implement it. If you have any better idea or feel that this is feasible and needs to be improved, you can talk about it together.

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