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The third party libraries is that the current programmer is inseparable from the things that are not only app development basically all commercial projects will be more or less used to third-party libraries

The number of open source libraries star>100 on GitHub is as follows

Can see the absolute advantage of JS to the first to a certain extent also explains the JS in the past few years why development so quickly do not point JS are embarrassed to say that they are yards farming but now JS Circle of the wheel of the building of the tide is also growing up not to write a frame are embarrassed to greet

OC Ranking fourth believe this ranking will also rise Swift temporarily still squeeze not into the top ten but more than OC is also within reach (after all, pro-son)

Xcode is basically a must-have tool for Mac/ios programmers (Appcode I don't know how many people use it?) but I can say how useful it is. This is the same as the Visual Studio, but after using the plug-in will be able to increase the productivity of a large

Next I will introduce some of my own commonly used third-party libraries and plug-ins may not be many but must be tried and tested must not be wrong


third-party libraries


Cocoapod is not a third-party library on iOS but a management tool for the famous third-party library

The management of third-party libraries is very painful before cocoapod is present, especially if some large libraries (such as Nimbus) update the library every time it can be very painful.

The advent of cocoapod solves these problems by introducing a third-party library into the framework greatly saves time in integration and takes all objective-c and Swift (Cathatage on Swift I didn't actually use it. But the way it's integrated is still more troublesome than cocoapod.


In the era of iOS 4.x (I was also a 4.0-year-old iOS development) Coverflow The effect of rage was a fledgling I was almost helpless on how to achieve (all the movie information app such as pudding love life etc all need to realize the effect of coverflow selection It happened that I had to do one too) the advent of Icarousel solved a big problem for me.

Since then Icarousel has become the essential medicine (and my favorite library) for every project, whether it's a coverflow or a carousel ad. Its built-in dozen display types basically address 90% of the UI requirements and its powerful customization capabilities can resolve the remaining 10%:)

Unfamiliar friends can try their beautiful demo (pod try Icarousel) all the features in the demo

Author Nicklockwood is also a high-yielding great God while maintaining a large number of high-quality open source libraries (such as iversion irate) you might as well go to see Amoy


The leader of the HTTP framework was at the end of the competition with asihttprequest (and of course because the author of ASIHTTPRequest did not maintain it, but many companies in the country are self-sustaining for historical reasons) because of the new features of maintaining and embracing language in a timely manner. Quickly accepted and loved by everyone

I'm sure everyone has used it.


If Afnetworking is the boss, then Mknetworkkit can be said to be a younger brother. But also because of the reason than afnetworking light weight has been favored by many developers

That year, because ASIHTTPRequest stopped maintenance, I chose the latter between afnetworking and Mknetworkkit and used it in many projects, in a fortuitous coincidence.

But maybe it's because afnetworking is growing faster and quicker, and the author is a soldier. The author also basically gave up the update (version number at 0.8x) Very pity


Image asynchronous download and cache management UITableView's gold partner, whose code has been shared by developers for countless times, the kingfisher (which can be said to be swift version of Sdwebimage) is also deeply affected.

Asynchronous download afnetworking and Mknetworkkit have implemented data caching and Fastimagecache and Tmcache, but it's only sdwebimage.

In addition to the simple use of sd_setimagewithurl outside the Sdimagecache can also be used independently of the function is also quite powerful


Zxing is Google's QR code scanning component originally written in Java, now also has a variety of languages of the transplant version and ZXINGOBJC is one of them

Zxing support a variety of mainstream one-dimensional code QR code scanning simple and easy to use small factory if you want to achieve QR code scanning this function will be selected zxing

However, IOS7 has built-in QR Code camera scan and IOS8 also has built-in QR code static map scanning may no longer need to use the Zxing:(


Easy-to-use and stable HUD components Translucent black white style also enduring loading tips for the best choice


The best use of the AutoLayout handwriting library (cartography is not bad, but still not used to) help me to easily cross the AutoLayout this way

I have also mentioned several times in the article about the use of masonry if you have not used a friend may wish to take a look at


Facebook's engineers have always been a God-made contribution to the open source community and greatly contributed to the development of languages such as hiphop to PHP react to JavaScript pop to objective-c, etc.

Whether it's hiphop react Facebook engineers are always in a disruptive attitude to open source POPs is no exception I have briefly introduced the pop-based paper a release shocked the entire app at this point pop is also very good

Pop also supports custom animations well I also wrote mmtweananimation based on pop custom animations


I'm ashamed of the famous RAC. I only used a little fur (only to do input validation)

For the time being, there is no deep-seated understanding of RAC also on the surface stage but this article is very detailed and worth a look.


If you want to do an image (photo or video) related processing or simply want to make a photo filter like Camera360, then you must study the Gpuimage

As its name describes Gpuimage is a GPU-based image processing framework we all know that GPUs are the key to improving performance, which is why gpuimage is so important and so popular.


The log system is something that every project should have and lumberjack is the leader in the log system.

You can simply think of it as a substitute for nslog (lumberjack faster than NSLog) or to build a more powerful log system based on your needs.


From the name can be seen Nslogger is also a log system is characterized by a powerful desktop viewer allows you to easily view the log generated by the app (support hierarchical filtering and so on can even directly log a picture)


That year turned out of the path its beautiful design wonderful animation do not know how many people mouth are not together and the most praise is its pop-up menu for the moment to become the object of each app scramble to imitate

With Awesomemenu, you can easily implement it.


Normal slide-off menu with Mmdrawercontroller.


The status of the CoreData as a data store is self-evident, but also because it is not easy to use it will appear magicalrecord this auxiliary class or even fmdb this kind of pure SQLite-based library

And Realm's debut as a challenger is not only faster to read (it is said to be a coradata) interface is easy to use (the data is used in the form of objects, which is similar to Leancloud's idea) and also cross-platform (Ios/android can use oc/swift/ Java all support)

If you're used to using modal like mantle, Realm-json can be a favor.

The quality of the incubation project as a ycombinator is guaranteed, at least I'm trying to make a big surprise. Whether it is the design of the API or the definition of the data object, even the database version upgrade is very convenient)

Xcode plugin


Similar to Cocoapod Alcatraz is Xcode's plug-in manager that allows you to easily manage Xcode plugins (not only managing plugins but managing themes, etc.)


If only let me choose a plug-in left that must be fuzzyautocomplete strong fuzzy match input so you can write code no longer have to mind to remember the name of the long object or function name is good to make you want to cry


As a neat-and-tidy code farmer to see the misaligned codes must not be tolerated xalign can easily solve your troubles


Another big one. The parameters and return types of the current function can be identified to help you quickly write code that conforms to the specification (Javadoc is currently the standard)


If you're constantly encountering xcode, you need to delete a file in a directory for some reason. But then you will be moved by this plugin because it means that you're not the only one who's met.


Multi-language is not very convenient in iOS development you can save a lot of things with it.


It is also a friendly hint to highlight a line that is currently being edited if the default 80-word paging prompt is the same as Xcode. I don't like it.


The above introductions are triggered from my own experience, most of them have been used and I will continue to update this list as long as there is good use of the East I will add

Personal iOS third-party library and Xcode plugin introduction

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