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I haven't written a blog post for a while. Today I want to write some personal opinions on performance optimization.

A little more, asp,, jsp, php ...... Databases: access, mysql, SQL server, oracle ...... I personally think that the reason why every technology or product is still in use and has a user base is that it also has its value and advantages in some aspects, the Optimization of the performance of a project or product can greatly improve the overall performance of the web system. Let's talk about the optimization settings of the following environment.

Environment:. net framework 2.0 + access2003

Access lightweight data Microsoft has made it free and open-source, which is not something Microsoft can do. In the old version, it only has tables, views, and stored procedures. This is the same as the stored procedures in sqlserver) all the basic features and performance of these relational databases cannot support a large number of concurrent operations. However, for some small and medium web development, access is worth considering in view of the cost, my principle is that some information that may change frequently, such as company profile and contact information, can be cached using, which will be greatly optimized for modification and loading, html files can be generated directly for some frequently accessed and infrequently changed files, which greatly improves seo optimization and access speed, and the access database can also display good performance.

Database optimization:

General Database optimizations include:Read/write splitting, Server Load balancer, and database/table sharding;

Selecting excellent data will certainly improve the database performance, but we should consider the optimization of the database table structure required for high concurrency of big data at the beginning of database design, for example, it is better to vertically split the fields in a table between several to a dozen. Too many fields will increase the pressure on the database-the pressure on memory), horizontal segmentation, for example, if there are more than 10 million data entries in a table in the oracle database, the query will consume a lot of memory, so we can split it into 10 tables, for example, TUser0, TUser1, and TUser2 ..., the application then processes the data table engine and matches the table to be queried by the select statement to improve the query efficiency. It is said that Mysql5.1 and later split the big data table horizontally. While the logic query statement remains unchanged, it processes the table internally and divides it into multiple tables, to optimize queries

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