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1. How to make the entire interface does not appear scroll bar, full of the entire browser.
method, add Overflow:hidden in body, sometimes there is a section of blank at the bottom, the solution is added Overflow:hidden in the form.

2.height:100% or width:100%, the scroll bar will appear unless you control it.

3.IE display under Sometimes the word experience is smaller than other browsers display, workaround: Use Iehack to distinguish different browsers

font-size:10px; All browsers can recognize
font-size:10px\9; all IE browsers are recognizable
font-size:10px!important, FF+IE8+IE7 can recognize!important except IE6 not recognize!important (dedicated to control the display of Firefox browser)

4. Only IE browsing can be recognized, other browsers can not recognize the method: add \9 after the attribute


Special character recognition tables commonly used in 5.CSS

Common special character recognition tables in CSS:
(1) *: IE6+IE7 can recognize *, and standard browser FF+IE8 is not recognized *;
(2)!important: Except IE6 can not recognize!important, FF+IE8+IE7 can identify!important;
(3) _: In addition to IE6 support _, Ff+ie8+ie7 are not supported _;
(4) \9: All IE browsers are recognized (IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9)

6. About the use of pseudo-elements
: First and:: First browsers are compatible, but IE8 only recognizes: first usage, so it is common to choose the former method.

7.overflow to function, set the height of the element, otherwise it will not work.

Trim () in jquery is not supported in 9.IE, workaround with $.trim (), all browsers support
such as A.trim () can be changed to var s = $.trim (a)

Personal Summary CSS Browser Compatibility FAQ Summary method

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