Personal Summary of software engineering

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Time flies fast, 12 weeks of time is fleeting, software engineering This course is over. This is the most special course I have experienced since college, the teaching model is novel, can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the students, let us personally participate in, and finally really make something to, than just a simple lesson in teaching much better.

Actually tell the truth at first I was very inconsistent with this kind of teaching method, because I have no confidence in myself, afraid can not keep up with the teacher's footsteps, can not complete the task of the teacher assignment on time, not to exercise their own purpose, will also delay their learning progress. But after the beginning of the formal contact with the project, I lost this worry, the teacher on the teaching progress of the control is in place, each time we leave out the time to do the project is very sufficient. And in class, teachers, teaching assistants and Xin Zou teachers all through the blog to communicate with us, to give us a lot of valuable experience and advice to help us to better complete the project. Through this hands-on, theoretical combination of practice, let me have a more profound understanding of software engineering This course, about how to become a qualified software engineer, have a new idea.

In fact, I have a little advice on this subject. is in the classroom teaching, I think should be more diversified, now is limited to the teacher, students listen, in fact, can add more ways and means, so that students in the theoretical knowledge can also participate in. And I think if software engineering really wants to be successful, it should be a smaller part of the paper, or just cancel the paper exam, and compete on software projects. Of course, I also know that the curriculum reform is a heavy task, and I hope the teacher can take my advice and study a better plan.

Thank Zhang Yifei teacher, thank the assistant teacher, thank Xin Zou Teacher in this period of time to give me the help, I will remember this period of valuable experience, I will work hard, as soon as possible to become a qualified software engineer.

Personal Summary of software engineering

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