Personal summary of the off-campus registration Web project (Alpha phase)

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Personal Summary

In the alpha phase, I and my small team of six people, after six days of efforts to complete the basic functions of our initial needs analysis, here to congratulate the success of our team. In this process, for their own performance feel that there are good aspects of doing, there are many deficiencies need to improve the place.

1. The first thing to say is that because our project is basically web-based programming, using a pure JSP development model, we can say that our progress and we learn the Web programming course has a great relationship, in the process of learning the web gradually, we adopt the pure JSP development model, although simple and convenient, However, this will be a big hassle if you consider the project's post-maintenance and functional extension relationships. Here we have to reflect that the initial understanding of the development project only rests on the idea of using the code to realize its function, which is not well understood in the development mode. After this development process and the WEBD MVC pattern technology that you have learned, you need to work with the team in the next phase to make improvements in the beta phase in accordance with the appropriate pattern.

2. Secondly, in this development process, my primary responsibility is to create a database. However, this process is not as simple as I originally imagined, the first database I created was simply four tables with some properties and primary keys, and then my team was doing the data based on that. Here is a very serious problem is, no prior to draw E-r diagram, determine the table all the properties, can be said that their own ill-conceived, the whole process of creating a database is the process of continuous improvement and addition. Now the table also lacks an attribute of the offline information table, that is, the reason for leaving the school, which can be said that the initial demand analysis is not considered, but will be left to the subsequent improvement.

3. The last point to mention is that there is a deep feeling about code specifications. At first, our team did not follow the code specification, everyone according to their own programming habits, so in the final code integration took a lot of time. With the creation of the database, the code was not noticed at first, so that the SQL statements in the JSP were re-modified in the final capitalization. I think the biggest contribution to the team is to re-write, format, and optimize the JSP and the new database of the teammates ' implemented functions in the final phase. This can be said to be a better place for yourself, and a deep understanding of the importance of code specifications.

Summary: The development of the project, especially for large-scale projects, the development model is very important, in the follow-up study, whether it is the Web development mode or Java development model should have a deep understanding, which for the future development is very important. In addition, it is important to develop a good code specification in future programming, not only to make the code look intuitive, but also to the understanding of the code will be very helpful.

Personal summary of the off-campus registration Web project (Alpha phase)

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