Personal Summary: What are the forms of the website being hacked?

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"Guidance" stationmaster know, new station just construction soon, often appear the website is black, Zhang Yuxi blog before a few months also was black, the bottom of the page hangs a lot of spam links, these links are through script to complete, oneself also do not know where to delete, later or a colleague to help dispose of, I believe that many webmasters also have the same experience, then, the site is black in the end what kind of performance?


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The website is hacked in several forms:

1. Link

That is, the so-called black chain, most will be set to users with a browser to open the page can not be seen, but the search engine spider program to catch, this is the hackers to obtain a large number of high-weighted one-way link means to profit.

Such cases are difficult to find if the webmaster is not paying attention. The means of hiding links are as follows:

A, using the tag display in CSS, the black chain display element is set to none, the page is not displayed.

B, using the color elements in CSS, the black chain of the label display color and page page color consistency.

C, the use of CSS floating or positioning technology, the black chain floating or positioning in the page is not browsable location.

2. Search Engine Deception

Add a piece of code, through the visitor's useragent attribute distinguishes the ordinary user and the search engine, when normal ordinary user accesses, sees is the normal page. But for the search engine spiders return any custom page content, to deceive the search engine. The use of the high weight of the black site, quickly achieve keyword ranking in the search engine ranking in the forefront of the effect.

3, ordinary users cheat (malicious jump)

Add a jump code to the page, and automatically jump to the specified page when the user clicks the access. The use of the black site of large traffic, to achieve rapid drainage of a large number of users.

4. Add page File

Do not tamper with Web page files, but generate a large number of pages, using the high weight of the black site, quickly achieve the effect of keyword ranking.

5. Data leakage

Through the access to the server permissions, download the Web site database, to achieve the purpose of data theft.

The above is the summary of several web sites are black common forms, if you have these characteristics, please immediately diagnose the site, timely adjustment, to avoid being punished by the search engine, the risk of falling right.

Zhang Yuxi

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Personal Summary: What are the forms of the website being hacked?

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