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than content: We all know webmaster network popularity is very high, because what? You are the webmaster you come here to learn more knowledge and skills for their own use, because the content can be used by you, can enrich your mind, can be converted into white silver. (Of course you have to use and play, if you can read directly to make a fortune, I guess Wang Lu early become China's richest man.) But the content on your website, collected from other people's website, a word is not bad copy, the visitor has seen N times, do they still want to see n+1? A step back, that is, people who have patience to read, but they do not have any harvest, after reading just by Tim Nausea. Do you think the visitor will look at the next piece of content or related content? You know, visitors are people. You do not cherish the time, others are afraid of wasting their lives here. So we have our own unique content that can provide useful information to visitors, not rubbish.

Speed: A lot of web sites in order to save money, where the server is cheaper to use where, the results of the site opened slowly like a snail, more than 20 seconds or even 1 minutes can not open your site, you think every visitor as you have such patience and so on? Because you are a webmaster, you do not wait? Web Site A dime, someone else opened too slow, will not be patient wait, generally more than 10 seconds can not be opened, visitors will immediately leave, you may see the site will be directly closed, my 5-Star composition network before, and finally change the server to solve the problem, of course, to spend a little more money, in turn, It's equal to investment in love. The website opens slowly, the visitor is so, the spider also so, this is also the search engine does not include you or gives you the low weight one of the reasons.

than insist: Now the site homogeneity is very serious, today, maybe tomorrow will come out a lot of the same site out, you see the flow is not, you will find ways to deal with, optimize, engage in activities such as to promote the flow of growth, but the day is not satisfactory, traffic total not come, this time you have no patience, want to give up, See a new model is good, want to change. Results The site did a lot, no one can grow over half a year, the new site does not do well, the old site regardless of, you say this can be successful? I do 5 stars before the composition of the net is today, to do that tomorrow, the results of a station also did not do well. Find a starting point, the intention to do, there is no unsuccessful, remember that the words do not? As long as the kungfu is deep, the iron rod grinds into needles. If you are the same as I did not insist on sex, it will never succeed that day. Generally have income of the website, (excluding big company with money to burn out of the website) without 2-3 years of discipline is not.

than publicity: the development of a Web site can not be separated from publicity and promotion, publicity is also pay attention to the method, this I will not say much, many webmaster friends have written such content, we may look at the relevant content. Others also advertise, you also advertise, but why your effect is not ideal? The reason is also simple: perseverance. Do you have a plan to carry out promotion and publicity on a daily or weekly basis? Think of it today, to Baidu crazy hair content, a moment issued a lot of technical content is not content, others Baidu is not a fool, not k you k who? Think up today to do, tomorrow forget even, no plan, no purpose of the disorderly promotion of publicity, you say this work can have effect? Therefore, publicity is a protracted war, not a hot brain can do good things, is a patient to do things, impatient people are not good. As graph King said, all the places are advertised. Let me add: All the places you go to are advertised, and the technical content is important.

than the service: a lot of webmaster always said that their site can not keep people, repeat less, little poor, why? I also use webmaster network as an example to say a service bar. I remember that I have many times to map Kings QQ information to ask some simple questions, as long as he online, immediately give answers or tips, is not online, will also see the QQ message to give a reply, often late at night one or two o ' clock, at that time of you, is not early to go to the Duke? Webmaster Online not only he a person so, almost all the same, there is such a service, he would not succeed is difficult! What about you? QQ Although online, members or visitors, send information inquiries, how did you reply? is the website busy to refuse? If you are the visitor friend, in the face of such treatment, what do you see, you will come again? How do you worry about being a guest like your family?

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