Personal webmaster, really was bitten by a snake?

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These days, the promotion of our products in full swing, I am in the promotion of our plan for the smooth conduct of the happy, helpless feeling and depressed also from time to again accompanied me.

More to say, a common interest, the like-minded people gathered together to give these alternative program members up a loud name "personal webmaster." Personal webmaster is also a person, the original interest is abundant, dictionary wolf sex, in this do stand the years to hone a little bit less angular, in the constant revision of their dreams at the same time, one day of maturity, this is a good thing, but the fear of the foot of the mood is increasingly obvious up, This is especially bad for the people who do our website.

I have always believed that the internet needs an ambitious, the internet can be turned into there, the 1 cents into 100 million, 1 billion, 10 billion of the industry. As long as you seriously do, maybe you will become Alibaba, will become grand, or even more than they, this is at least theoretically possible. Remember the great man who said, any thing divided by 1.3 billion is a small thing, any thing multiplied by 1.3 billion is a big thing, as long as you have no doubt about the theme and location of your original site, you do is multiplied by 1.3 billion of things, of course, you can multiply by 10 billion, then today you are afraid of what?

Maybe in the process, you've been cheated by some pious fellow, but do you think the world is the only one of these sheepskin-wearing hypocrites? A good man is better than a bad guy, you don't have to close yourself up for the little people, do something very carefully, of course, this is fine, but at least do not close yourself, less, a bit big manly courage or a pretty good choice.

Time flies, age day is big, perhaps today we did not earn money, sad also! If sadness can solve the problem, I can go to grief, this is not the solution to the problem. At the beginning of the Internet to comment on the programmer as prostitutes, after looking at the deep feeling, do a good job today, do not go to the age of time to think again. Take advantage of today's young, do this prostitute, at least not to others as prostitutes, is to their website as prostitutes, afraid of what? We will be old tomorrow, let the site as a prostitute, give us money, by that time, even if someone comments us, we are not afraid, because we have become famous prostitutes!!! Ha ha

Everyone has their own bitterness and bitter spicy, not suffer from this bitter, there is that bitter waiting for you to suffer, since the choice of this industry, should like to defend this loud name to fight, should be for this glorious cause to fight, in this day does not fall Britannia Empire, we have no reason to do bad!

Quote me a few days ago the end of a sentence: The Swan is for the Toad born, is the toad will be able to eat swan meat. Today, are you a good toad?

Please forgive me for the above words.

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