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Recently, I used the WordPress open platform software to create my own personal blog website, that is, reille blog. The Chinese name is reille blog, which has become my dream for many years, it's like finding your own home on the Internet. As a series of articles, I will use my blog to record the growth history of my personal website,
It also serves as the motivation for learning web development. I will also update the latest status here.

The dream of a personal website is finally realized-written at Growth Path 1-domain name registration purchase

The path to growth 2-website host Space development path 3-install Wordpress in zymic Space

The path to growth-4-Wordpress configuration optimization and suffusion topic configuration-navigation menu's path to growth 5-use the WP-pagenavi plug-in to add pagination for suffusion topics's path to growth 6-moving host space to hawkhost is an e host's path to growth 7-wordpress Displays summary in part of the article's path to growth 8-code highlighting tool codecolorer's path to growth 9-suffusion added the article browsing statistics function, that is, the use of the WP-postviews plug-in's path to growth 10-suffusion displays the number of classified articles, the number of monthly articles, and the classification level.'s path to growth 11-in the suffusion topic, replace the read more tag from continue reading with the full text's path to growth 12-added the download function, that is, the use of the download monitor plug-in.'s path to growth 13-Comment configuration on suffusion topics's path to growth 14-about RSS feed, that is, RSS subscription's path to growth 15-implement website data backup on the e host's path to growth 16-use Baidu sharing for social sharing growth path 17-build a transparent theme, that is, WordPress background color and suffusion skin settings

Path to growth of 18-use the WordPress download monitor plug-in to implement the resource download center growth road 19-added navigation function to create an independent link navigation page's path to growth 20-non-plug-ins for articles with thumbnails growth path 21-automatically add log copyright notice's path to growth 22-use Windows Live writer to write logs's path to growth 23-Solve the Problem of discontinuing log IDs and clearing the historical log revisions in the database road to growth 24-add website keywords and descriptions road to growth 25-add Google Maps, Baidu maps, Baidu statistics, and footer modifications's path to growth 26-submit personal websites to Alexa and Amazon's category Directories growth path 27-displays the website subtitle in the browser tab road to growth 28-register the second domain name's path to growth 29-Add a logo for a blog website's path to growth 30-add Google ads, that is, banner page banners and sidebar ads growth path 31-upgrade WordPress, related plug-ins, and theme updates's path to growth 32-reille's blog PR value officially rose to 1 growth path 33-failed to apply for Google Adsense's path to growth 34-wordpress's quick release function

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