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After the installation of network hardware and network protocol, we generally have to do the TCP/IP protocol testing, then how to test is a more comprehensive test? We believe that comprehensive testing should include two aspects of local area network and Internet, so it should be tested in two aspects of LAN and Internet, the following is the steps we use to test TCP/IP configuration in our actual work:

1, click "Start"/"Run", enter CMD press ENTER, open a command Prompt window.

2, first check the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS server address is correct, enter the command ipconfig/all, press ENTER. This shows you the network configuration, check whether the correct.

3, Input ping, check whether the network card can be forwarded data, if the "Request timed out", indicating that the configuration error or network problems.

4, Ping An Internet address, such as Ping, to see if there are packets returned to verify connectivity with the Internet.

5, Ping a local area network address, check with its connectivity.

6, with Nslookup test DNS resolution is correct, input such as Nslookup, see if you can resolve.

If your computer passes all the tests, the network is normal, or the network may have varying degrees of problem. Do not expand the details here. However, note that when you use the ping command, some companies will drop the ICMP packets in their host settings, causing your ping command to not return the packet properly, or try it on a different website.

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