Pervasive Microsoft-prehistoric dinosaurs

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From a message from readwriteweb: Microsoft lives up Web2.0 shows the ambition of the Microsoft empire!
There are office commanders in the office field, and there is no competition
The development field is. Net, which was once described as "the overlord of the martial arts" and leads various programming languages.
You suddenly came up with Google, and I also came to my livesearch. You Google has GMAP, and I use live local to compete with you.
Sun Java ---. Net C #
Apple ipot --- Zune
GC --- Xbox

What else?
It is undeniable that Microsoft will become more and more powerful in the next few years, and he will compete with the best competitors in every field to become an pervasive "Big octopus ". But what will the "Big octopus" eventually become? Will it crash after a peak like a prehistoric dinosaur evolved?

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