Pessimism and optimism in life

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Recently found himself particularly pessimistic, whether at work, or in life.

For some planned or unplanned things, always on the pessimistic side of the special consideration, has been thinking about whether it is not perfect enough, there may be other unnoticed corners and problems.

Think carefully today, I think in the work to be appropriate pessimistic, in life to appropriate optimism.

What do you mean? Work, when I go to maintain a tens of thousands of or even a hundred thousand of users of the user environment, it can not be too optimistic, to properly maintain a pessimistic attitude, preventive measure, to be good at discovering hidden risks and problems, because once the problem, there may be big problems, and in life, to the opposite, Life has too many helpless and not good, I want to maintain an optimistic attitude, as much as possible to see how to think positive one aspect.

For the work, to maintain high efficiency, to be in danger.

For life, to be optimistic, to have the appropriate AH Q spirit.

Of course, nothing is absolute, can not be fits, there is no absolute pessimism, there is no absolute optimism. As for pessimism or optimism, the ratio of the two should be measured by itself.

This article from "Zeng Hung Xin Technical column" blog, declined to reprint!

Pessimism and optimism in life

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