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There is a process design problem in the design of petelai project, though. net and Java have workflows, but considering the small size of this project, I simply borrowed some workflow ideas, designed several tables, and then controlled the process through code. The following describes the specific process design by taking the physical process in the "service identification Ticket Business Process" as an example. The business process of physical service identification includes the following steps: fill in the form of the agent, print the QR code, unpack the package, communicate with the Agency, split, analyze the fault, each role approves the fee, and submit the fee to the expense pool (where the money of each agent is counted ). For the process of the repair ticket, see:

Because there is more than one business flow in the system, the system process design table has a task table (such as the service identification service and Order Management Service), the process step table corresponding to each task (such as the steps to be completed in the repair base process), the Maintenance appraisal process table (equivalent to the third table, contains the repair ticket ID, process step ID, and completion status. For details, see:

The task table mainly records the tasks with procedures in the system. The process step table records the process steps corresponding to each task. One field has a priority, which indicates that each step is the first step; the Business Process Table mainly records the process of a task to the first step, and uses the state field for statistics at the first step. This table also records the operations, content, and time of each step.

The chart shows that the process design is relatively simple. The implementation process is as follows: after the ticket is filled out, the agent manually clicks the button to bind the repair ticket to the process steps, the status of the first process is yes, and that of other processes is no. After the first process is completed, 2nd processes are performed, the third process is performed, and the subsequent processes are performed in sequence. This design only modifies the state of the node each time a knot is completed.


How can I query the list information (list) of a node? You can do this by using a line of code:

Select * From view_dls_wxjdlc where ID in (select ID from view_dls_wxjdlc where [email protected] and state = 'yes ') and [email protected] and state = 'no' and isfyc = 'no'


The view used in the Code is the view created in the two tables of the maintenance authentication process and process step. This line of code queries the list of repair tickets that have been completed in the previous step and have not been completed in this step.

At this point, the system process design is simply described. Another design is to create two tables in addition to the task table and task step table. One is to maintain the current process steps, record the steps completed by each task. After thinking about the two methods, we can achieve our business. We use the first method. You are welcome to give suggestions on this design !!! (Response? Bytes )~


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