PFC Study Notes (I) Overview

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I. Encapsulation

1. PFC uses the public and protected types, not the private type.

2. For readable instance variables, provide of_getvariablename

3. For modifiable instance variables, provide of_setvariablename

4. For Boolean Type, of_isvariablename is provided

5. Use register/unregister for Service Registration/Cancellation

Ii. Types of PFC services:

1. Application Service: Application priority, data window cache, debugging, error messages, recently used objects, security, and transaction registration

2. Window service: Basic Service, priority service, page manager, and status bar

3. Data window service: basic Service, data window size adjustment service, drop-down search, filtering, search, Link, multi-Table update, attribute, query mode, report, required column, size adjustment, row manager, row Selection, sorting

4. Data Storage Service: Basic Service, multi-Table update, print preview, and report

5. Global Service: file, INI file, work logic unit, Meta class, menu, value, platform, size adjustment, RTE search, selection, SQL, SQL spy, string

The concept of service is the basic idea of PFC. Its own class libraries do not have the concept of service. They are just a few global user objects.

Iii. Service Features

1. Select to start the service.

2. Authorization relationship. It can be divided into supporting relationships and comprehensive relationships.

Iv. Expansion layer of PFC

1. PFC provides an extended layer for PFC customization.

2. You can add the logic used for the whole, department, or specified application to the extension layer object.

3. Extended PBL is not affected when the version is updated.

4. ancestor and extension layers of the PFC service.

Applications and Global Services Pfcapsrv. PBL Pfeapsrv. PBL
Data window service Pfcdwsrv. PBL Pfedwsrv. PBL
Visual and standard user objects Pfcmain. PBL Pfemain. PBL
Tool Service Pfcutil. PBL Pfeutil. PBL
Window Service Pfcwnsrv. PBL Pfewnsrv. PBL

The discarded PFC object is placed in pfcold. PBL without an extension layer.

5. PFC object naming conventions
Ancestor object, prefix uses PFC _
Extended object. The ancestor object after PFC _ is removed has the same name.

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