Phase IV 10_linux Apache installation and configuration

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Apache Static Web page

1. Installation

Yum Install Httpd-y

2. Configuration files


VI httpd.conf

httpd.conf File Individual line explanation

var email view Mail

ServerName Remove comments or you will see a message similar to the error

documentroot/var/www/html static Web page storage location

DirectoryIndex Default Open Homepage

Loglevel warn log level

Logfmart log Format

Alias Virtual Name

AddType adding modules

Virutal Hosting Virtual Host (01. IP 02. Domain name 03. Port)


Service httpd Start

Service iptables status Shutdown firewall

View SELinux modified SELinux values



Apache script installation and setup



Yum Install Httpd-y

Rpm-qa|grep httpd && echo "httpd has been created"


MV Httpd.conf Httpd.conf.bak

awk '/ServerName www\.example/{print "ServerName"; Netxt}{print} '

Rm-f Httpd.comf.bak

Server httpd Restart

Chkconfig httpd on

echo "Test HTML page" >/var/www/html/index.html

echo "Now can interview the page by Brower"


Phase IV 10_linux Apache installation and configuration

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