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Today I saw the book eception C ++ style. After reading the use of the first vector, I felt a little scared. For programming, I believe a lot of people share the same idea: the programs I write can produce the correct results. Only the correct results can be obtained.

From my work, my programming style and thinking have changed a lot. It is also a twists and turns, and every time I see a new method when I encounter a new problem, I will think, "Oh, this is a good method (good thing). I remember it and I will use it later." Maybe I have learned a lot of good ideas and methods, but do I really understand them? Can I use them accurately? I am not sure. What I can assure is that I can use this good method in the case of the same or similar situations. How many ideas and methods can be remembered? How much can be used accurately? This quantity will be given a discount in the discount.

The author of the book eception C ++ style is undeniable to be an expert. I was shocked by this book when I first read it. My colleagues and friends around me do a lot of software programming. Of course, the level is high or low. Well done (our colleague Huang Gong) can quickly build a system framework, in general, it is easy to modify, And the scalability is better. In this way, I can implement functions to minimize errors. In most cases, I want to learn, learn, and make suggestions occasionally. Some people have been doing this for many years and have seen it in many cases. Many things are known, but the program has many problems. Another friend can find the ready-made code on the Internet, I rarely write it myself, but the program can still run well. Each person has different personalities and methods. However, when I see the analysis of a piece of code in this book, I finally know the gap and how to improve my programming skills.

Herb Suter gave me a real understanding of what it is called "ding Jie niu". There is no cow in my eyes and there is a cow in my heart. Let me understand what a master is. The master is not only a senior manager, but also an easy-to-use manager. Chairman Mao said that "the strategy regards the enemy while the tactics attach importance to the enemy ". The architecture should be simple and practical, and every detail should be ignored in implementation. I think this should be the guiding principle for me to write programs in the future. Learning the software architecture and studying the language details should be a way for me to learn about computers.

I used vector in the past, and I thought it would also use vector. The program written can also produce correct results. But after reading the explanation of herb Sutter, I believe that I will never use this class as before. In addition, I have also received a great deal of education from the rigor of my masters. The so-called rigor is only a strict requirement of myself, I still have a long way to go.

There will be a long journey in the future. It is a lucky thing for everyone to see the guiding light on the road: high-profile work, low-profile work, rigorous work, and interesting life. Looking at the overall situation, you can grasp the little things in the autumn; you must have a high vision and be able to do things.


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