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The multi-ratio mobile configuration platform is a cloud-based monitoring development platform that allows non-professionals to create professional surveillance apps through a simple drag-and-drop. Dobiki in pure HTML5 technology and standard industrial bus technology, it can be used on a variety of mobile devices, including Tablet PC, iphone and Android phone tablet.

    • Industrial bus technology based on pure HTML5 technology and standard

    • Support popular mobile devices such as iOS, Android, WP, etc.

    • Support seamless integration with other systems

    • Support for cloud deployments

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Click to view the Edit state username/password: admin/admin ( not saved )

Click to view the Run State username/password: admin/admin

Mobile devices such as Android and Apple scan the QR code on the right, it is recommended to open in the browser (horizontal screen), has achieved better monitoring effect

An energy-saving monitoring system

Monitoring system of an oil depot

Mobile Configuration Development Platform Demo case
    • iphone configuration SCADA Case

    • Android Configuration SCADA case

    • Supports iOS (Apple) and Andriod Android

    • Mobile Smart Building Monitoring System

    • Ios/andriod Thermal Efficiency Monitoring System

    • Apple/Android Downhole monitoring System

The value of mobile configuration development platform Lower development costs

Reduce costs by more than 95% compared to traditional Web development + Android App+ios app

Update business model

Cloud-enabled cloud can help your business model transform from buying hardware and systems to buying services

Responding to changes in demand

The development speed is 30 times times faster than the traditional program mode to respond to changes in customer needs quickly 30~50 times.

Support Remote Maintenance

Multi-ratio remote debugging and remote hot deployment minimizes post-maintenance costs.

Comparison between mobile configuration development platform and traditional configuration

Traditional configuration

Mobile Configuration development Platform

Installation configuration

Installation configuration complex (UAC)

Open Browser input URL, or scan QR code to access

Mobile device Support

Mobile devices are not supported, or mobile devices are only a simplified version of the PC and need to be developed separately

Support a variety of popular web browsers, Android, Apple (iOS) and other tablet devices. What you see on your mobile device is 100% consistent with your PC

Remote access

Cross-network segment access or penetration of firewalls is not supported

Supports LAN and WAN access, allowing telemetry remote control to be available thousands of km away

System integration Capabilities

Self-system, cannot be integrated with other existing systems

Seamless integration of fully web standards, support and existing OA systems, MES systems, asset management systems

Cloud computing

Not supported

Support cloud deployment, enabling customers to transform from selling products to selling services


Re-modify, compile, restart, run

multiplatform platform for pure Web application, after the background modification, the end user refreshes the page to complete the deployment, do not need any business interruption, to ensure that the business system 7x24 hours available.


Based on the large risk of ActiveX security

The use of industry-standard EMACSCRIPT/W3C and other international norms, all procedures are operating in the sandbox, complete security procedures.


Edge Browser no longer supports ActiveX

Using state-of-the-art SVG and HTML5 standards is the future trend

Technical features of mobile configuration development platform Support for Android/ios

Based on pure HTML5 technology and standard industrial bus technology, the multi-ratio mobile configuration platform can be used on a variety of mobile devices, including tablets, iphones and Android phone tablets, in addition to modern browsers that support traditional desktop devices.

Ready to use

And the traditional configuration software development, compilation, deployment is different, multi-platform is a pure web-based solution, any modification after saving, the client only need to refresh the page, you can use the latest software features. A monitoring development platform especially suited for deploying the cloud.

Intelligent Data Binding

Users do not need to write programs, through the definition of graphic properties and data binding relationship, you can develop a variety of animation, real-time dashboards and other complex professional interface, easy to simulate and monitor complex dynamic effects.

Realistic Mobile Animation

Multi-ratio fully optimizes the data at the front and back end, and the refresh interval for Web application animations across WANs is less than one second. Under the better network condition, can reach 200~300ms.

Powerful configuration capabilities

Multi-ratio provides a powerful graphical editor, without writing any code, to develop a very complex interactive human-machine interface. Graphical operations support customized object center points, tilt, rotate, align, flip, mirror, hierarchy, orthogonal options, attribute extraction, and more.

Powerful data reading and writing function

Support for common relational databases such as Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server real-time reads, with level two caching technology, can increase data transfer efficiency by up to 3-8 times. Dobby also supports data reverse writing, which supports different data source reverse writes (remote function).

Phone configuration Software _ Android Flat configuration software? _ Mobile Configuration Software

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