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The first mobile phone to play in life (six years ago)

Nokia 3100 (small fat), with he spent a piece of money to apply for QQ number, and then play QQ2005 more leisurely met the first group of netizens, at that time the deepest impression is set search conditions and then search a bunch of people out, sex has not selected male, ps:qq2005 do not display the group, do not display notes. Now the new version of QQ powerful, bring me only noisy and empty.

Second mobile phone, Samsung sgh-e258 (four years ago)
40 dollars bought by the second-hand, allusions no longer repeat . The most impressive is his input method, the speed of typing is no less than now any cell phone, when a few keys hit the "Ethiopian" really excited a.

Third cell phone three years ago

ZTE U880, with their own savings (780 of the ocean) bought, then that 800*480 screen is really gorgeous!! is also the first intelligent machine in life.

Fourth (in use) MX first generation, the best description is: In a domestic manufacturers are in the pursuit of the Lantern Flash, the volume is not big when he has been considering the work and software user interaction experience

Fifth step: The ideal model: Nexus, motor a flagship, LG G3 .... Save money in ....

Phone with Me

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