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I believe many people have encountered such a scenario: too many photos, no clue. Indeed, as work, life, learning more and more inseparable, to find a long time before the photos have to go through the computer folders, especially the office computer and home computer data is not synchronized, sometimes people at home, the need for photos in the office computer. Especially for people who are fond of photography and travel, photos are many and miscellaneous, and it is time-consuming and laborious to organize them.

But this problem now has a very good solution, the Cloud Bridge version of Jinshan Fast disk has a key backup photo function, easy to complete the computer photos find, backup, collation.

Easy to operate small white users

Compared to the current market in the network, Jinshan Fast Pan Yun Bridge version in the operation of more intuitive image. Login Jinshan fast-disk interface, the left is Jinshan Fast disk folder, the right is Jinshan fast disk operation interface, such a design will be the resource manager and the background management interface, the user can simply and intuitively see the file operation process in Jinshan fast disk.

So, how do you use this one-button backup photo feature specifically?

First of all, in the Cloud Bridge version of Jinshan Quick disk on the Third tab select "Back Up my Photos", click "Add Backup", and then automatically appear a photo backup search interface. In this interface, Jinshan fast will be in accordance with the established conditions, for you to find all the computer folder with photos (at present, Jinshan Fast Disk's established search conditions for more than 10K, the suffix named. jpg format picture).

Next, you'll see the search results, and all the photos that fit the requirements will be displayed in thumbnails and sorted by month. So, through this interface, you can see all the pictures in the computer, when you move the mouse over a photo folder, it also shows the location of the photo in your computer, especially useful for friends who have random photos, and when you forget the location of a photo, you can use this feature to easily find the photo.

(Figure 1)

Next, is the photo one key backup to Jinshan fast.

Hook up the photo you want to back up and click on the "one-button Backup" button in the lower-right corner. After a few seconds, the photo is successfully backed up to the Jinshan fast, this time we look at the interface of the Jinshan quick disk changes: The left resource management of which a "My Photos" folder, open this folder, You will be able to find the photos that have just been backed up to the Jinshan quick disk.

(Figure 2)

Multi-terminal sharing Android phone, IPad, iphone anytime look at photos

One-button backup photos to Jinshan fast, there is also a benefit: users can through other terminals, at any time to view the photos of Jinshan fast. Only need to log on to other terminals on the Jinshan fast disk, open the "My Photos" folder, you can download photos to the mobile phone, pad to see (Figure 3).

(Figure 3)

One-button backup photo feature is used like a "fool" function, but it is really convenient and practical, the user PC computer photos can easily through the "one-button backup" to achieve the search, collation and backup of photos, so that not only to make a photo of the insurance, as well as a friend of the random photos to provide convenience, The most important thing is to make the sharing of photos easier, as long as the photos uploaded to the Jinshan fast, holiday can give up the bulky computer, with pad home to parents to see photos, joy.

Now, the use of "Cloud Bridge" technology new Jinshan Quick Disk has been fully online, quickly to Jinshan fast disk on the official website download, experience the Cloud Bridge version of Jinshan Quick disk to bring convenience!

Jinshan Fast Disk official website download:

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