Photo Studio portrait later color palette Tutorial: Classic Gold tone

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Basic Features

Such photos are rich in color, strong color in the performance of the noble characters, luxurious, brilliant, steady, thick photos for the palace interior, the recommended Golden classics more seen in the royal style of the real film, noble and elegant late-loading films.

Focus of the adjustment and repair

1, Halftone

The standard warm color, the picture light feeling is stronger, the performance technique is exquisite.

2, Color

Whether it is high-profile, middle tone or low-key, golden to seize the entire picture of the vision.

3. People

The success of the photo is ultimately in the character's performance and the details of the control, the characters to and the whole picture want to coordinate the normal golden color of the picture is golden, but the golden Caspian is red in the inside.

4, Local

Highlights should also have layers, not very flat gold, dark part can not handle the dark one.

5, Texture

Gold Classic on the image of the texture requirements are relatively high, with the color of the object to show the colors of the embodiment of his luxurious, but also reflect his original texture, a bit difficult. Texture has a soft, hard, light, floating, such as jewelry, jewelry, wood props, must be very good to reflect.

6. Attention Matters

Although in the apparel aspect of bright gold embellishment more popular, but the golden eye-catching, belong to the expansion of color, easy to dress the advantages and disadvantages are magnified.

Clothing, the most insurance of the color scheme is: Gold with coffee, white, silver with gold, another apricot, camel and gold is very harmonious collocation. Camel and coffee, you can give a calm, calm, simple feeling, they will neutralize the strong atmosphere of gold, especially beige for the main colors of clothing, and then adorn part of the gold, it appears elegant, moving, suitable for some more solemn occasions. The royal style is particularly suitable. Gold and pure black matching is also very good, so that the wearer looks noble and mysterious.

Action instance

1, decorate the background and character, make the overall color tend to unify. Modifies the face and details of a character. You can also do some proper liquefaction. The pursuit of the beauty of character lines. Here I use the channel to grind the skin concrete steps as the figure, this step I establish an action, next time uses the time directly executes the action to be possible.

2, exquisite repair map, in the characters need to make up for the effect of increasing the effect, now increase the light effect, mainly for the next step of color uniformity, while in the repair of the eyes also do the modification.

3, use the calculation to find the bright part of the picture, the bright part of the color adjustment, the specific steps are as follows:

Image-Calculation-(set below) loads the computed channel into the selection, deletes the channel, and returns to the layer copy.

Color balance of the copied Layer palette, (set below) the body of the character is already a golden hue.

4, stamping a layer out of the filter to perform the rendering-lighting effect of the first color block with gold other settings can be based on the image set to make the effect after the creation of the mask neck gradient, pull off the particularly strong golden part of the screen prominent characters. This step can also play the effect of dark around.

5, stamping a layer out, to sharpen, strengthen the texture of some objects.

6, stamping a layer out, the implementation of filters-blur-Gaussian blur, build a mask to wipe out the characters and need to highlight the subject matter, this fuzzy effect can be removed from the screen some cumbersome places, better prominent protagonist characters.

7, the final merge layer. Carry out the details in the inspection, the final effect of the following figure:

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