Photoshop adds a beautiful neutral reddish-brown to the exterior beauty

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The main color of the material picture is also dark color, color rendering can directly reduce the image saturation to get more neutral color, and then with the curve to the dark part of the picture to add a little dark red, the local increase of a little orange-yellow high light.


  Final effect

1, open the material picture, create hue/saturation adjustment layer, the whole map, yellow, green adjustment, parameter settings such as Figure 1-3, the effect is shown in Figure 4. This step quickly turns the main color of the picture into neutral red.

< map 1>

< map 2>

< map 3>

< map 4>

2, create curve adjustment layer, RGB, red, blue channel adjustment, parameter settings such as Figure 5-7, the effect is shown in Figure 8. This step darkens the main color of the picture and adds red to the dark part.

< map 5>

< map 6>

< map 7>

< map 8>

3, press CTRL + J the current curve adjustment layer copy one layer, the opacity to: 20%, the effect of the following figure.

< map 9>

4, press the letter key "D" before the background color back to the default black and white. Create a new layer, select Menu: Filter > Render > Cloud, make sure to change blending mode to "color filter", opacity to: 50%, add layer mask, use black brush to wipe out the lower left corner, the effect is shown below. This step softens the picture.

< map 10>

5, create a color balance adjustment layer, the shadow, highlight adjustment, parameter settings such as Figure 11,12, determined to press CTRL + ALT + G to create a clipping mask, the effect is as shown in Figure 13. This step is to fine-tune the color of the dark and high light clouds.

< map 11>

< map 12>

< map 13>


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