Photoshop adds a dreamy warm hue to the interior beauty

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The material picture is a bit gray and dark, when the color palette needs to be repaired while polishing, the main color is OK, and then use the fantasy material overlay, increase the illusion effect.


Figure I

1, use the stamp to grind the skin, also may use some plug-ins, the method of grinding the skin has a lot of ways, as long as can achieve the desired effect is a good method, it is important to find one of them for you (figure I).

Figure II

2, with the gradient map (yellow-orange), this step is to determine the tone of the picture, layer mode for color filter, opacity 14% (figure II).

3, adjust the optional color: red (-62, 21, 28, 0), Yellow (-44, 17,-78, 0, White (6, 0, 7, 0), neutral color (0, 0, 9, 10), Black (8, 0,-6, 0) Here's the data for reference only, the actual operation should be adjusted according to needs (figure three- Figure eight).

Figure three Figure Four

Figure five Figure six

Figure seven Figure eight

Figure Nine

4, set the gradient map, the pattern is clear, go gray plus contrast, add the mask with brush erase the dark place (Figure nine).

5, the use of curves to fine-tune the color, in the adjustment needs to pay attention to the dark and bright details of the department (Figure 10).

Figure 10

Figure 11

6, adjust brightness/contrast, brightness 21, contrast 58, the purpose of making the screen more transparent (fig. 11).

Figure 12

7, again use the black and white gradient map to the ASH function, layer mode, lightness 42% opacity (Figure 12).

8, hue/saturation-red lightness +7, this is to weaken the skin of the red (Figure 13).

Figure 13

Figure 14 Figure 15

Final effect

9, drag into the implementation of selected snow material, layer mode for filter, hesitate material thin, here I will snowflake material rich Oh secondary copy, create Layer group mask erase some unwanted places, such as blocking the eyes and facial features of the place, complete the final effect (Figure 14, figure 15)

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