Photoshop adds a flaming flame to the right side of the handsome guy.

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There are some tutorials I've forgotten, but I still remember, some colleagues asked me, today how not happy, I said in my imagination has a good tutorial, different practice is definitely good, the entire network looked for all the people did not, he said will find in the future, because the gifted will give me the answer. Then I found out today's tutorial, this tutorial good beloveds to practice, I have a little help learning.

Images used in this tutorial:

1th Step

First, we need flames. Find some flame images on a black background. Set the blending mode of all flame images to "color filter" so that you can simply remove the black background.

Flame footage is packaged in this tutorial and can be downloaded: PS Tutorial: Create Red Flame splash of magma text, or Baidu.

It doesn't matter where you start and how you put your fire, my advice is to start with the edge of a character or object. I picked a fire that looked like it was on the edge of something and put it on the inside arm.

Then I added a layer mask to the flame image so it wouldn't appear on the inside arm.

I repeat this step and use the same flame over and over again, but sometimes I flip it or use different parts of the flame.

Next, we're going to add our "filter" flame. Find a fire that can cover a wide area. Then, set all the flame layers to "color filter". I used the same image two times. You can also try to use a number of different small flames to make a big flame image.

I used the layer mask again to remove the parts that overlap on the arm. This is important because we can maintain the shape of our arms in flames.

Here is another example of more fire. Again, find a suitable flame image, set it to filter, adjust the angle, and then remove the part you don't need.

Repeat these steps until you are satisfied with your flame. I also added some small flames to his eyes. This is the effect I made:

When finished, group all the flame layers and name them "fire".

2nd Step

Normally, most tutorials are over here, but really, we're halfway there! Now, let's make the flames more physical, and now it looks more transparent.

Create a new layer under the "Fire" layer Group and name it "fire background."

Use a large round brush and set it to dark orange red (#8b2c0d) and smear it behind the flames.

Pay attention to areas that look particularly transparent. Use a soft round eraser to remove sharp edges. This is what my layers look like, and there's no flame:

Create a new layer on your "fire background" layer and set it to "soft light." (Want to learn the layer cheats of the students to set up a network search surprise layer skills can be seen)

Set the big round brush to orange and draw on the flames.

Right now:

Once again, create a new layer on the top, also set to "soft light."

With a big round brush, draw a huge orange aperture (#dd4e05) on the flame and your things.

Try to focus on the source of light and where the flames are reaching. In my case, I'm going to have all the light orange and shine on the man's left cheek. I set the opacity of the layer to 70%.

Next, create a new layer again, set to soft light, and set the opacity to about 70%. Draw a larger orange halo, and this time the color should be lighter (#ff894f).

Next, we use the "Blend Color Band" feature:

Double-click the layer thumbnail to open the Layer styles panel. At the bottom, you'll find the "Mixed color Band" section.

In next layer, hold down the ALT key to move the slider.

How you want to set up with you, try and find the best results. My looks are like this:

Group the 4 layers you have just created, and name it "Fire Fill."


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