Photoshop adds a tiny dewdrop to the leaves.

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There are already water droplets in the material, we need to carefully analyze the characteristics of water droplets, light and light composition, and then start, with pens, brushes, smudge tools, eraser and so on to redraw a similar can.

Final effect

1, first know that the water droplets are transparent, other transparent things are the same, like Glass, ice. Open the big picture of the material, we first outline the outline with the brush.

2, then we use the Smudge tool to smear it, and the color inside is very good over, remember to open the spread.

3, then we raise the light: is also the outline, Edge Eraser, because the high light over relatively hard, some excessive place also smear.

4, painting the middle of the high light.

5, then add a little bit of dot, scatter and brush preset set.

Adjust spacing:

6, adjust, and then the brush hardness adjustment 100 draw.

7, do not forget to adjust the transparency, and then do the shadow, with a darker color painting to the shadow, smear it.

8, in this way, in the following to make a more pale shadow, smear efforts to increase a little.

Final effect:

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