Photoshop adds art frame to wedding photos

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After the digital photo is finished, we can add the appropriate art frame according to the theme of the photo, adding some strong artistic flavor. Like the wedding photo below.

Making tools: Photoshop CS, similar to other versions.

Production process:

1, open a picture, as shown in Figure 01.

2, select the Custom Shape button in the toolbar, select the "Frame" option in the property bar Drop-down list, click the Graphic Frame shape button, and draw a round frame shape in the picture, as shown in Figure 02.

3, at this time the thickness of the frame is too large, need to adjust the internal edge. Go to the Path panel, click the Direct Selection Tool button in the toolbar, select the middle node, press Ctrl+t to enter the free transform mode, press the Shift+alt key while adjusting the node, proportionally enlarge the selected interior area, as shown in Figure 03.

4. Press the CTRL key while clicking the path layer of the path panel to load the selection area of the painting box. Click the new Layer button in the Layers panel, create a new layer, select the layer layer style bevel and emboss command, open the Layer Style dialog box, and set the style as shown in Figure 04.

5, click the Good button to determine. At this time also do not see any frame relief effect, press SHIFT+F5 to open the Fill dialog box, the selection of the region casually fill a color, click OK, the effect is shown in Figure 05.

6, select the "Magic Wand Tool" in the toolbar to select the part outside the frame. Select the background layer, select the "filter" texture "stained glass" command, open the stained Glass dialog box, and set the parameters as shown in Figure 06.

7, click OK button, this time the background area produces stained glass effect, as shown in Figure 07.

8, select the Toolbar "Magic Wand Tool", select the interior of the frame, create a new layer. Fill the selection with white, select the layer layer style blending options command, and open the Layer Style dialog box, as shown in Figure 08.

The screen effect is shown in Figure 09.

9, open a picture of Rose, as shown in Figure 10. Click the Magic Wand Tool button in the toolbar, press the SHIFT key while selecting the background area, and press the DELETE key to remove the selection.

10, select "Filter" "Art effect" "Rough crayon" command, open the "Rough Crayon" dialog box, set the parameters as shown in Figure 11.

The screen effect is shown in Figure 12.

11, input text. Make a text path. Select the Pen tool button in the toolbar, draw a retrace line in the blank area, click the Convert Point Tool button in the toolbar, drag the node, and turn the right angle line into a Bezier curve. Click Direct Selection Tool in the toolbar to adjust the position of individual points and Bezier handles. Select the Horizontal Type tool button in the toolbar, click the mouse on the path, at which point the text cursor will blink at the end of the path, input text can be rotated in the direction of the font, select the "Layer" "text" "Text deformation" command, the text deformation processing, the effect as shown in Figure 13.

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