Photoshop adds blue to beauty photos

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This is the master later works, the author from filming to the late, spent a lot of thought. First of all, we need to decorate the scene to show the characters in classical subjects. After filming, the latter need to beautify every detail according to their own beauty, at the same time need to maintain the original artistic conception.


Final effect

1, get back the details of the dark: This photo loss of a part of the dark part of the details, through the shadow of the high light tool to find a part, easy to later operation.

2, create a new transparent layer, using the "liquefaction", "Clone Stamp", "Patch" and "Stain repair brush" tool to handle the skin and background of the person to help.

3, the focus of this photo is to adjust the environment color, the original film in the environment color darker blue, slightly heavy, give us want to dream and mystery. With the optional color, adjust the cyan and blue, and let the dark blue in the photo become Lake Blue.

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