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This picture is taken on national day morning, the light and composition are not ideal. Because of the terrain constraints, this scene was taken earlier this time, if the filming time later, it will be a big flat picture, in order to highlight the foreground of the pavilion in the light and color, focus on this range to build, processing the species is nothing but the selection and the layer or mask mode to mix. The processed picture looks better than the original and achieves the desired effect.

Because the individual level is limited, the light and light understanding is not necessarily correct, handle improper please correct to make a brick.

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1. Choose to do light range, with lasso tool or a patch tool to select a range, I prefer to use the repair tool to quickly circle

2. The selection of the range of feathering, feather can be larger, the purpose is to make light transition natural

3. Do the reverse, add the mask, change the layer mask to: multiply the bottom, increase the picture of "thick" degree

4. Stamped layer, select and feather, add mask to layer mask: color Dodge

5. Feel the color of the pavilion light is still a bit heavy, and then copy two times layer and mask, layer mode unchanged, or: color Dodge

6. Curve adjustment. Color idea: Green channel Dark add head magenta, red channel dark plus cyan, blue channel in the middle of the yellow, to create a morning color warming effect, too bright place in the curve mask to recover

7. Stamped layer, Layer mode change to: soft light, too dark place to add a mask, brush front color black restore the dark layer

8. Finally, the USM sharpening, the end of the

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