Photoshop adds stunning makeup effects to beauty models

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Original film analysis: Photographer's style is very fashionable to feel, its own makeup feeling very elegant and refreshing but in the photographer to the model of the transfer of eyes empty feeling very artistic conception, the model hand posture another overall feeling presented more fashionable flavor.

The idea of adjustment: The picture itself feels very fashionable and has artistic conception, but from the feeling of color is missing a lot of things here we lock the feeling for the gorgeous fresh make-up, to add some color eyeshadow to the characters we chose the green and orange, can present a pure sense of the feeling with two lip gloss appears more fashionable, When you add some beautiful flowers in bloom, the most beautiful expression is at the moment.

Look at the effect chart first.

The following is the Photoshop tutorial artwork

1. The original picture is gloomy we use a special method to make the skin of the characters transparent and fair, with the color of the characters as far as possible to make the whole fog feeling.

2. I choose to choose the color neutral color black 100 value, at this time we found that the character white transparent, this is a special way to regulate the skin, the adjustment of the skin permeability of the layer of excessive hair also no dead ends.

3. We use the noise-reducing grinding tool to smooth the character skin, copy a character layer before you make the skin. Because most of the skin tools are good for the characters ' skins, they lose their eyebrows/eyes/lips/nostrils. The layers, duplicate a layer to the time can restore the original details.

4. I use a seal, such as cosmetic skin tools to repair the skin of the characters clean small acne, but the texture of the skin is still to be retained OH.

5. We use the hue saturation of the characters to add saturation, in the use of the curve slightly to tune the characters oh.

6. Select the optional color yellow channel to the character color of the more yellow in the curve with a slightly fine tuning through.

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